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' 'Mil 


'sos£ garden! 



The prize- winning Home Rose Garden of the Year, designed by Armand Tibbitts, featuring Kordes Perfecta, 
Arlene Francis, Ivory Fashion, Pink Chiffon, Sterling Silver, Fashionette and Fashion. 





f (/irdm6 Co. ^p/Hna /959 

^^i/^J^d^^^if^:^^ ^'U^U^'^i^ m NEWARK, NEW YORK 



A New Hybrid Tea So Beautiful, So Colorful That It Has Been Selected As The 


Selected as the outstanding new Rose of 1959 by a nationwide test panel of 5000 home gardeners 
after a year of careful observation and testing in their own gardens under all growing conditions. 

The Most Beautiful Rose Ever Created! 


CLefO Wilhelm Kordes~the man who created CRIMSON GLORY, the 
most fragrant of all Roses . . . PINOCCHIO, the first salmon-colored 
Floribunda . . . ZULU QUEEN, the darkest and one of the "blackest" 
of all red Roses . . . and many others — now has created the most beautiful 
and unusual exhibition Rose in years! 

Isn't this the most intriguing color combination youVe ever seen? It*s 
white . . . it's red . . .it's yellow! In fact, Kor^^j ?^r/^c/^ is completely 
different from any other Rose in existence. Basically cream-white, this 
magnificent new Hybrid Tea is lined with pink as if the edges of its petals 
were dipped in carmine. This deep, rich red color spreads throughout 
the flower as the buds open, revealing a suffusion of yellow. All season 
long, this vigorous 3-ft . plant produces an unusually large number of superb, 
long-lasting exhibition Roses — a full 5 in. across! Exquisite, isn't it? 

Can't you just picture Kordes Perfecta living and thriving in your garden- - 

blooming sometimes as individual Roses, sometimes as a breathtaking 

candelabra of enough flowers to make a whole bouquet? You'll find 

Kordes Perfecta a thrilling and eye-catchine 

addition to your garden. (PL Pat. #1604 .j 

$3.50 each; 3 for $9,20; 12 for $35.70 


GROUP No. 19 



Eed Roses ^^^ 



Ivorv Fashion 

AtLastl A Really 

Fragrant Floribundal , -- at, ; n a i, - ^ r 

f \^W0 A charmingly fra- 

grant Floribunda! Very easy to grow! A fresh Fashion-colored Rose, 
with an exquisite deeper coral bud. The bud opens slowly, unfurling 
perfectly to a fully petalcd, Hybrid Tea shaped flower. The plant has 
both large heads of blooms and many individual flowering stems al- 
ternating with the heavy flower heads. There is always a great 
amount of bloom, which carries a delightful 
Old-Rose fragrance. The 3 to 3M-in, flowers 
often have 30 to 35 petals. The foliage is 
dense, dark, glossy green, and the plant 
height is easily 24 in. the first year and 36 in. 
the second year and thereafter. (Pi. Pat, 
#1563) $2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


GROUP No. 29 

Hordes Perfecta Aida 
Gail Borden 

Value $12.00 
Save $1.50 


1 of each: 
Arlene Francis^ 


The Newest Member ofJ&P^s Own 
Family of All-America Floribundas! 

CLefi) The Floribunda with the new lookl An 
ivory-colored Rose with charm and grace equal 
to that of its parent, Fashion. Long slender buds 
of high-centered form open gradually to striking, 
slightly cupped, fully open, fragrant flowers. 

The richly decorative, long, graceful golden 
stamens give an air of charm to the whole en- 
semble. Firm, heavy-textured petals retain their 
ivory color to the very end. Fully open, the 4-in. 
flower keeps its fresh appearance until the last 
petal falls. Stout stems usually carry 5 to 10 buds. 
There is always color on the 24 to 30-in. plants, 
and the rich dark foliage is clean and disease 
resistant. From New Hampshire to Florida the 
testers were unanimous in their applause. Plant 
Ivory Fashion now and enjoy it in your garden 
for years to come. (PI. Pat. #1688.) 

$2.75 each; 3 for $7.20; 12 for $28.80 





Where to Find 

What You Want 



New J&P 



Hybrid Teas 


Ten Top 


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Common Roses 


Tree Roses 


Roses For 
Special Purposes 


Lilacs & 





44 45 



A Personal 
Report from 

This season we are ap- 
proaching our 81th year 
in the nursery business! 

Since 1872 great advances 
have been made in the fields 
of science, art and educa- 
tion. Not the least of these 
is the development of to- 
day' s Roses . . . Roses of per- 
fect form and stability . . . 
Roses of magnificent colors 
never before dreamed of. 

In this new Spring 1959 
Catalog are the prime ex- 
amples of 87 years of re- 
search ... 87 years of 
success. On these and suc- 
ceeding pages are the fruits 
of a labor of love. Roses, 
the major contribution of 
Floriculture, are shown here 
in all their resplendent 

Order now, and have the 
""^ Queen of Flowers" reign- 
ing in your garden now and 
for years to come. 






Four Colorful Long-Stemme< 

. . a RED ... a PINK ... a YELLOW . 

Ifs Non-Fading! Ifs Richly Fragrant! 

A ,^ CLefO Named for the heroine of Verdi's most famous opera, this new 

A\ JlJ^^A Rose displays the same majestic grandeur and dark beauty as its name- 
sake. Like the Ethiopian Princess herself, this royal member of rosedom 
will capture your enthusiasm and admiration for many years to come. 
Rich spectrum-red blooms are deeper and more lustrous in color in the slow-opening buds. 
Finishing a clear, clean rose-red, the 5-in., semi-cupped flowers are lovely in all their 
stages. The velvety, heavy-textured petals are not affected by hot or wet weather. These 
gracefully cupped blooms are composed of about 25 petals, curling back as the flower opens. 
They are richly fragrant from the bud stage until the final petals drop. Excellent for cutting. 
The symmetrical plant will reach 3 ft. (PL Pat. #1639.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

JACKSON & PERKINS CO. CO^^JZ^e^;^ G^t.y<o^ 


GROUP No. 39 

1 of each: 

Sterling Silver 
Hordes Perfecta 
Arlene Francis 

Value $9,50 Save $1.2^ 




GROUP No. 49 

Value $11.50 Save $1.45 




Money with 

these Gmp 


A Glamorous Blend of Pastel-Pink 

and AnrlcGfl C^^&^O A large, glamorous 

combination of pastel pink and apricot tints. 

The high-centered bud, soft yellow outside and 

lovely glowing apricot on the inside, opens 

gradually to an immense flower of warm pink. The 

5/^ to 6-in. flower is entirely different from any 

other Rose now in use . . . the snap and warmth 

of the color combinations exudes an over-all feeling 

of friendliness and style. The tall plants are covered with luxuriant, 

dark shiny foliage that is unusually healthy and handsome. One of 

the best Hybrid Tea Roses to come out of Germany, it was named for the 

founder of the 100-year-old milk company. A marvelous Rose to give 

a new look to gardens, it is fast becoming a great favorite of American garden 

ers. Advanced tests throughout the country indicated that Gail Borden would 

do well wherever it was planted. A beautiful, full Rose with as many as 70 

petals. (PI. Pat. #1618.) 

$3.00 each; 3 for $7.95; 12 for $31.80 

1 Everblooming Hybrid Teas 


Never before a color like this in a 
Rose ... a silver-lavender that rivals 
the v/armth and beauty of 


SterUng Silver 

The Rose With The Silver Lining! 

CLeft') There are many fine red, yellow, white and pink 
Roses in this catalog— but there's only ONE Sterling 
Silver! Just look at the color . . . warm, regal, silver- 
lavender ... as rich as its namesake. Imagine mag- 
, nificent Roses like these blooming in your garden all 
season long — big, silver-lavender blooms . . . unlike 
any other Rose you've ever had! Picture the soft, 
silvery color highlighting your favorite reds and pinks. 
As spring arrives, tight pink-lavender buds open 
slowly . . . stretching into glistening silvery blooms 
. . . each one a full 5 in. across. And the sweet fra- 
grance that fills the air is so satisfying! The bush is 
medium tall and upright, vigorous and free blooming, 
with leathery dark green foliage. This year enjoy a 
totally different color — by planting Sterling Silver. 
You'll love it in your garden, and you'll love it in your 
home, too ... for its dainty form and novel color make it a "must" 
for any flower arranger. (PI. Pat. #1433.) 

$3.00 each; 3 for $7.95; 12 for $31.80 


GREY PEARL The sensational color tones range from ripe oHve-grey 
tinted deep pink through mauve and mauve-violet. The reverse of the shorter 
under-petals is light tan, gradually melting to soft lavender-mauve. 2 to 23^-ft., 
vigorous plant. (PI. Pat. #680.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

LODESTAR Large, apricot buds, peach-colored blooms. The outer peri- 
meter is of longer buff-pink petals enclosing a full center of lively peach. The 

bushy plant reaches 3 to 33^ ft. Its 43^ to 5-in,, double flowers are 

heavily perfumed, (PL Pat. #1251.) 

$2.00 each ; 3 for $5.25; 12 for $21.00 

SUTTER'S GOLD Long-pointed, yellow buds richly shaded 
with orange and red open to 24-petaled, high centered and 
richly colored blooms. Heavy tea fragrance. The strong, 
vigorous plant grows l}4 to 3 ft. taiL (PL Pat. #885.) 
$2.25 each; 3 for $6.00; 12 for $21.00 

One of the Most Fragrant 
Yellows Ever Created! 


"My favorite color . . . my favorite fragrance . . . my fa- 
vorite Rose! It makes such a gloriously sunny picture fram- 
ing my home." — Arlene Francis. 

(Right') A golden yellow Hybrid Tea with an unforgettable fra- 
grance has been chosen to bear the name of the equally unforget- 
table stage and television star, Arlene Francis. This new Hybrid 
Tea epitomizes all the qualities that Arlene Francis expects in her 
perfect Rose. This new Rose is vigorous and prolific. It produces 
masses of flowers, and wherever the plant is cut, it repeats with 
brand-new shoots. Golden yellow buds develop into flowers 
which average from 20 to 25 petals, each opening to approximately 
5 in. across. Medium tall; very hardy. Glossy dark foliage. 
(PL Pat. #1684.) 

$3.00 each; 3 for $7.95; 12 for $31.80 


^HMf C# ''^Mli|^pi^9.««.>i.^«.^ W% C3 ^H^'^'^S' ■ 

Long Stems! 


PERKINS . . . 






That Produces 
7V2" Blooms! 

(WO Just picture the biggest, 
fullest, most exquisite Rose you 
ever saw, bathed in a shimmering, 
shining coat of gold . . . and there you 
have Golden Masterpiece! Graceful, 
long golden buds catch the eye im- 
mediately. As they mature, an occasional blush 
of red caresses the edges of the slender, 1} 2 to 
2-in. buds. Throughout the entire season they 
unfold slov^^ly, giving v^^ay to majestic, high- 
centered flowers of rich golden yellow, carried 
on long, sturdy stems. Imagine a plant with 
constantly repeating, radiant blooms that often 
reach 6J^ to 7j^ in. across, with a full but open 
center. Even before these magnificent flowers 
appear, the bush adorns itself with nearly 
perfect, glossy green foliage. Its extremely 
pleasant Old-Rose fragrance will fill your 
garden. For sheer size. Golden Masterpiece 
is in a class by itself. The plant is strong, vigor- 
ous, hardy and will reach from 2)^ to 4 ft. high. 
Long stems make it excellent for cutting. No 
matter how many Roses you already have, 
or what colors they may be, you need Golden 
Masterpiece in your garden. (PL Pat. #1284.) 
$3.00 each; 3 for $7.95; 12 for $31.80 
















1 1 


GROUP No. 59 1 of each 

Golden Masterpiece White Queen 
Konrad Adenauer Pinlc Lustra 

Value $11.00 Save $1.40 


GROUP No. 69 

Golden Masterpiece 
Hordes Perfecta 

/ of each: 

New Yorker 
White Queett 

Value $12.00 Save $1.50 



GROUP No. 79 

Fink Lustre 

1 of each: 

Konrad Adenauer 
White Swan 

Value $10.00 Save $1.2$ 






I 1 

White Queeil 

T/ie ^i^ White Hybrid Tea 
Developed in Recent Years I 

(Righi) A sparkling new white Hybrid Tea! The best white Rose of 
recent years! White Queen is a new white Rose slender in bud, with 
graceful high center, opening to a pure white, 43^-in. flower. The really 
stark white open flowers last very well. Stiff petals are resistant to rain 
and wind. 3-ft. plants make very neat, upright growth. The excellent 
foliage is medium large, of a rich green. Sparkling white flowers are 
exquisite for arrangements in the house and give an air of sharpness and 
cleanliness in the garden. It has commanded much attention in our test 
gardens, and the comments have been most favorable at all times. It 
belongs in your garden. Be the first in your neighborhood to display this 
generous beauty. We like this variety very much, and we know it will 
make a place for itself in the Rose world. Plant it now and enjoy its 
beauty for years to come. (PL Pat. #1762.) 

$3.00 each; 3 for $7.95; 12 for $31.80 



Classic Form . . . Luminous Pink Color 
...The Perfect Exhibition Rosel 

iKighf) A very large, tall-growing, cool pink Hybrid Tea. It 
has luxurious flowers of exhibition size and quality which open 
slowly and gracefully with a high-centered form. The rippling 
edges of the petals are a deeper pink, which gives a lovely variation 
during blooming time and also a real lift to the self pink of the 
blooms. Ovoid buds are deep rose-pink. When fully open the 
flowers are lovely. Handsome dark, polished foliage. Widely 
used as an exhibition Rose. Well balanced, disease-resistant plants 
grow 23^ to 3 ft. Exhibition-type blooms reach 4li to 5 in. across. 
(PL Pat. #1641.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


piP|K| y^^^ijiiji^ 

A Descendant of Crimson Glory 
. • . So you Know It's Fragrant 

(Left) This beauty actually stole the show from a display including 
the largest assortment of flowers ever exhibited. Spectators were 
held spellbound by the huge, pointed, dark red buds that open ever 
so slowly to a blood-red . . . and finally to a darker shacfe of red 
that reflects a luxurious velvety sheen! Blooms freely during the 
entire season . . . and the plant is extremely healthy! Proud and 
upright, this hardy beauty grows on a strong stem. The fragrance 
is outstanding. Plant this gorgeous show Rose now, and in a few 
short weeks it will fill your garden with its loveliness. (PL Pat. 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


o^E gradb 




Jacksaiy; Perkms Four "Hall of 



A delightful, everblooming Hybrid Tea that will 
be a high spot in your garden all season. Early 
in the season, it develops a great display of large, 
stately buds, apricot-tinged outside, deepening 
to clear yellow at the base. These open gracefully 
with high-centered form, producing huge, long- 
lasting blooms of entrancing peach-pink color. 
They attain 6 in. across at maturity, with as many 
as 35 glorious petals per flower. Plants are vigor- 
ous and upright, growing from 2 to 3 ft. high, with 
a wealth of dark green, disease-resistant foliage. 
It required years of careful breeding by experts to 
create this truly distinguished Rose ... so be 
among the first in your neighborhood to display 
this enchanting beauty. The bush is never without 
flowers from June to late fall. (PL Pat. #737.) 

$2.25 each; 3 for $6.00; 12 for $24.00 



(Below^ Center) 

New Yorker is an enormous Red, Red Rose that stays 
Red until the last petals wither and fall. The dark 
color is clear and sparkling, and the flowers are 
tremendous . . . often measuring 6j^ in. across. The 
brilliant, unfading color is scarlet with rose-red 
undertones. The rich, velvety sheen of every perfect 
petal reflects a brilliant highlight and gives the 
blooms an exceptionally lovely texture. Few Roses 
do so much to make your garden a showplace. As 
befits a Rose of such absolute perfection, the buds of 
New Yorker are beautifully formed and darker in color 
than the open bloom. The strong, sturdy stems hold 
each flower proudly erect from the time the bud 
first appears until at long last the bloom has de- 
veloped and finally shatters. Every hour, every 
minute that you see these lovely blooms in 
your garden you'll be completely amazed at 
the clear, sparkling, rich color and the tre- 
mendous, beautifully formed blooms. The 
sturdy, disease-resistant, 3-ft. plants are ex- 
ceptionally vigorous. The magnificently 
formed blooms of enormous size continue 
without interruption all season 
from June until cold weather. 
The young shoots and new 
growth are bright red, adding to 
the beauty and interest of New 
Yorker in your garden. (PL 
Pat. #823.) 

White Swan 

WniHI&fM *DuMU>*u/ ^tJii^ 

(Leji) One of the most beautiful sights in 
any garden is a dark green bush full of 
glorious pure white Roses! And when 
these Roses are as perfectly formed, de- 
lightfully fragrant, extremely hardy as 
White Swan, you have a truly rare prize. 
Yes, here is a white Rose that the gardening 
world adores ... as upright in growth, 
as vigorous and as free blooming as Roses 
of other colors. The long graceful buds 
slowly open into 3 to 4-in., high-centered, 
pCire white blooms — and because they grow 
on 24-in. stems, they are perfect for cutting. 
Vigorous, 3 to 4-ft. plants are sturdy and 
upright. The fragrance, although not 
dominant, is very effective. The ample 
foliage is disease resistant as well as eye- 
catching. White Swan has unusually fine 
exhibition qualities. Good white Roses are 
rare; don't overlook this one. It's a real 
prize. White Swan will provide fun for the 
family as well as beautify your home and 
garden. Plant it this spring and enjoy its 
beauty for years to come. (PL Pat. #1115.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

(Beloiv) The loveliness and perfection of this handsome 
Rose will amaze you when its enormous flowers appear in 
your garden. You'll agree with the experts who voted this 
top honors in the 1948 All- America Trials. The blooms, of 
unsurpassing loveliness on a plant which is attractive in 
itself, give you undeniable proof that the Rose is indeed 
the "Queen of Flowers." The color is warm glowing buff- 
orange, deeper in cooler weather, with a radiant sparkle 
from a touch of orange-yellow at the base of each petal. 
Often 5 to 6 in. across, the many stately flowers on every 
plant are fully double and high-centered. The many heavy- 
textured petals do not fade or burn even in warm weather, 
but rather intensify in color as the flower opens. You will 
enjoy a rich soft old Rose fragrance. Diamond Jubilee 
lasts exceptionally well either on the bush or as a cut 
flower. Warmth of color, perfection of form and rugged 
vigor are yours in great measure from Diamond Jubilee. 
The plant is sturdy and full, well clothed with rich dark 
green foliage, and the constant succession of 
flowers are held erect on long stems. (PI. 
Pat. #824.) 

$2,25 each; 3 for $6.00; 12 for $24.00 




Pointed buds, deep coral-pink, slow 
opening. Blooms double, large, high- 
centered, with shimmering gold at the 
petal base. Very fragrant. Height 
23^ ft. (PI. Pat. #537.) 

$1.85 each; 3 for f 4JB5; 
12 for $18.85 

maroon-red buds. The blooms of irides- 
cent shades of red deepen and become 
more brilliant as they open co their full 
43^ to 5 in . Well-balan^d , com pact bush. 
(PL Pat. #1167.) / 

$2.50 ea<h; 3 for $6,60; 
12 for $26.iO 

HELEN TRAUBEL4 to 5-in. Hooms 
of light sparkling pink or luminous 
apricot. Large bush, alive with blooms 
all season. Flowers are good in any 
weather. 3 to 5 ft. (PI. Pat. #1028.) 
$2.75 each; 3 for $7.20; 
12 for $28.80 


Blood-red buds and magnificent cerise 
flowers on long stems produced in large 
quantities throughout the season. A 
double Rose that opens slowly and lasts 
well. Dainty, sweet fragrance. Rugged 
plant with good foliage. Height 3 ft. 
(PI. Pat. #455.) 

$2.25 each; 3 for $6.00; 
12 for $24.00 

PEACE Golden yellow blooms, chang- 
ing to pale gold. The petals are edged 
with apple-blossom-pink. 5-in. flowers. 
Height 4 ft. (PI. Pat. #591.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 
12 for $26.40 

MO J AVE A glowing radiant orange, high- 
lighted with other warm tints of nasturtium-red, 
scarlet and vermilion. Richly colored bud is 
long and slender. Large, double flowers with 
about 25 petals, pleasantly fragrant. Vigorous 
plants. (PI. Pat. #1176.) 

$2.75 each; 3 for $7.20; 12 for $28.80 

MIRANDY Long, ovoid buds of rich 
maroon-red. Blooms are large, very 
double, with 40 to 50 petals. Penetrating 
Damask fragrance. Height if/^ it, (PL 
Pat. ^32.) 

^2.25 each; 3 for $6.00; 
12 for $24.00 

DIAMOND JUBILEE Glowing buff- 
orange, touched orange-yellow at the petal 
base. Often 5 to 6 in. across with heavy- 
text ared petals that do not fade or burn in 
the sun. Fully double. Height 33^ ft. 
(Pi. Pat. #824.) 

$2.25 each; 3 for $6.00; 
12 for $24.00 

TIFFANY The long-pointed buds are 
deep pink with golden yellow shading 
at the base of the petals. They open to 
perfectly formed, double, high-centered 
blooms of a pleasing shade of pink, with 
petals of heavy texture. (PL Pat. #1304.) 
$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 
12 for $26.40 


Long-pointed, deep coral buds. Large, 
5-in, blooms; fruity fragrance. Hardy, 
vigorous, 3 to 4 ft. tall; resists heat, 
rain, disease. Ideal for cutting. (PL 
Pat. #607.) 

$1.85 each; 3 for $4.85; 
12 for $18.85 

>^ Mary 
^^^ Mar^oret 
1943 McBride 


value »«-J« ^ 



GROUP No. 119 

Value _, , 

$2s.4S Only 

nM $20*50 

m^' Mirandy 


Katheritie T. Morshall 


Queen Elizabeth 

The Grandiflora Rose! 

(Right) The superb and deli- 
cate pure pink shade, found 
only in the choicest Cattleya 
orchids, has been captured in 
the gorgeous Queen Elizabeth 
Rose, All-America Winner for 
1955. A lovely color and 
a new variety as well, for 
this charming ruler of 
rosedom is the first of a 
new class , ' * Grandiflora , ' ' 
named for its abundance of 
flowers combined with the 
magnificent qualities of the 
Hybrid Tea. Looking at the 
unusually clear, glowLn 
blooms, you see a subtle an< 
breathtaking blending of soft 
carmine rose and dawn pink, 
majestically set off by deep 
green, heavy textured foliage. 
Exceptionally hardy bush. 
Tantalizing fragrance. (PL 
Pat. #1259.) 
$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 
12 for $26.40 


White Knight 

All-America Winnerl {Left) Here is the first white Rose 
ever to win the All-America Award. Its magnificent, pure satiny white 
flowers do not discolor. Each stem generally carries only one bloom — 
an outstanding beauty which lasts long either on the bush or in a vase. 

Unlike other white Roses, it does 
not "ball", but presents each 
splendid blossom in gracefully out- 
curling loveliness . . . perfection 
in pure white. The plant is free 
blooming and very vigorous, grow- 
ing upright in excellent symmetry 
to a height of 3 ft. or more. Strong 
canes, good foliage. (PL Pat. 

$3.00 each; 3 for $7.95; 
12 for $31.80 

\ \^ INik 

J These Famous 
Garden Ail SU 

The Showpiece of 

"*" <*-^A. A.^i^X«/ takes a distin- 
guished place among yellow Roses. The 
ovoid buds are golden yellow, etched 
pink. As they open, they change from 
canary-yellow to pale gold, to iridescent 
cream. Petals are edged apple-blossom- 





New Unusual Colorl 

(L^/0 A lovely past el tint of lavender- 
lilac with a light silvery reverse. The bud is pointed, 
and the flower opens gradually to a high-centered bloom 
of average size, with moderate fragrance. The pastel 
tints of the two tones make this a perfect specimen for 
formal and informal arrangements. The flowers are 
usually borne singly, on 12 to 15-in. stems. The plant 
grows 20 to 24 in. high and has excellent foliage of deep, 
dull green, very neat and decorative. This variety seems 
to show its best color under normal rather than 
extreme conditions. (PI. Pat. #1434.) 
$2.75 each; 3 for $7.20; 
12 for $28.80 

^^^V oivE G»A1>« 


GROUP No. 139 

Value $13.00 Save $1.05 


toses In yOURV ' 

^ Proud Rose Lover! 



GROUP No. 149 

Peace Queen Elizabeth 

New Vorker White Queen 

Value $10,50 Save ll.SO 


ink, which deepens as the glorious 
to 6-in. flower opens. Petals roll grace- 
illy outward to form a double, lasting 
>wer with, a high-centered, golden 
:art. The plant is as superior as the 
oom — hardy, vigorous, healthy. (PL 
It. #591.) 
S2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

(Right) A smart, outstanding bi-color which starts 
with a golden yellow bud . . . opens slowly and when 
half open displays a brilliant contrast of vermilion -red 
with gold reverse. The red gradually turns to a deep, 
clear coral-rose-pink, an intriguing combination from 
start to finish. The flowers are 43^ to 5 in. across and 
are produced freely on long stems. The plant grows 
about 3 ft. tall and the petals of the flowers drop off 
before they discolor. It has a delicious raspberry fra- 
grance. ^"' " 

$2.25 each; 3 for 
$6.00; 12 for $24.00 


1^ Vf hole J & p Rose 6i 

O OPERA. Long, slender, scarlet buds 
with golden yellow base. Magnificent 
6-in. blooms of flaming light scarlet with 
bufF-yellow on the reverse cover the plant 
all summer. The effect is airy and bright. 
These high-centered blooms have slightly 
quilled petals of good substance and are 
borne on long, strong stems. Vigorous, 
upright. (PL Pat. #1017-) 

O GOLDEN SCEPTER. Once you see 
this majestic Hybrid Tea in your garden, 
you'll understand why it has been so 
highly praised. Early in June, the tall, 
open plant bears dozens of slender, golden 
yellow buds, which slowly unfurl into 
5/^-in., exquisite yellow blooms that re- 
tain their rich color all summer. Vigorous; 
23^ to 3 ft. (PL Pat. #910.) 

O VOLCANO. Keally Huge. These are 
the only words that describe the tremen- 
dous size of the blooms produced on Vol- 
cano. Blooms that actually open as much 
as 7 In. Across.' The flowers are a live, 
glowing cherry-red that seems to lighten 
the surroundings, and then slowly softens 
to a rosy pink. A strong, bushy plant 
with dark green foliage. (PL Pat. #95L) 


Grows vigorously with large, open, 
upright blooms of friendly, warm 
glowing pink. Bred to hardiness 
and perfect form. The growth and foliage 
are equal to the Radiance family. Fruity 
fragrance. Long fine stems, ideal for cut- 
ting. Highly praised in all sections of the 
country. Height 3 to 4 ft. (PI. Pat. #607.) 

Q CENTENNIAL. Buds are a pleasing 
blend of orange-apricot and light gold. 
The open flowers, 4 to A}/2 in- across, be- 
come a glowing pink and gold combination 
in the most entrancing of all Rose forms, 
the high -centered Ophelia type. Quantities 
of bloom are produced constantly all sum- 
mer long on a sturdv, healthy plant. Height 
iVi to 3 ft. (PL Pat. #1384.) 

O MAN DA LA Y . Long-pointed , golden 
yellow buds unfold gracefully to large, 
high -centered blooms. These golden yel- 
low flowers open slowly and perfectly and 
have as many as 40 unfading petals that 
are firm and long. Flowers up to 6 in. 
across. The ample, heavy foliage is very 
dark green. The 3-ft. plant is very free 
blooming. (PL Pat. #775.) 

Any variety on these pages^ $1.85 each; 

3 of one kind $4.85; 

12 of one kind $18.85 


Group No. U 

Value $22.20 
Save $ZM 

nrden for Only 

GROUP Ko. 169 

tionally large, bright golden yellow Rose- 
that you can depend on for unfailing bloom. 
Keeps a steady pace, producing full double, 
6-in. blooms constantly from June, week-in. 
and week-out until frost. Full ovoid bud 
of deep yellow, changing to strong clear yel- 
low as petals unfold. Striking in any gar- 
den. (PI. Pat. #917.) 


Pointed budspf deep coral-pink, slow 
opening. The double blooms are 
large and high centered, with shim- 
mering gold at the base. Each flower has 
35 to 50 petals. The foliage is dark, leath- 
ery and glossy. Vigorous and bushy; 2 ft. 
tall. A lovely exhibition Rose, greatly 
admired for its perfect ^orm. (PL Pat. #537.) 

O SERENADE, Exquisite burnt-orange 
buds and 5-in., brilliant coral-orange 
blooms, produced freely on 334-ft. plants. 
The edges of the petals are an interesting 
darker shade. Flowers are cupped at first, 
opening flat. The foliage is a shiny green 
and nicely balanced on the plant. In ad- 
dition to being vigorous, the bush has a 
clean open habit. (PI. Pat. #852.) 

Tou Save $2.90 

O RUKAITAT. A brilTianr red' witk: x 
profusion of long, graceful buds ap- 
pearing early in June, As the buds 
open, a glorious riot of deep, scintil- 
lating crimson is revealed in the very hearts 
of the bloomsv This vivid burst of color is 
accentuated on the outside of the petals 
by a' tone shades lightier. Height 4 ft. (PI. 
Pat. 1758.) 

O VALIANT. A bold red with a particu- 
larly lovely bud. The bloom is luminous 
crimson, becoming bright red as it opens. 
High centered and bold in its color and erect 
manner. Frequently 5 to 6 in. across, with 
about 30 tea-scented petals. Bushy, up- 
right grower. Foliage is leathery, large 
and dark. The plant grows to a height of 
2 to 3 ft. (PI. Pat. #914.) 

O SONATA. Cochineal-red in spring and 
fall, in summer lightening to unusual hues 
of deep lively pink. Outside of the petals 
is several shades darker than inside. The 
large flowers are perfectly shaped, opening 
gradually from long, pointed buds, A con- 
tinuous bloomer, resistant to both sun and 
heat. Very hardy, vigorous, upright 
growth.. (PI. Pat. #732.) 

Any variety oiiith«se pages, $1.85 each; 
3' of one kind $4.85; 
12. o£ ot%e kind $18.85 





REX ANDERSON QBelotv) An outstanding exhibition Rose of delicate 
ivory-white . . . perfectly formed and slow-opening, one of the most success- 
ful whites. Combining this lovely purity with artistic form and depend- 
ability, Rex Anderson adds a note of interesting contrast to any Rose plant- 
ing. Its very perfection of form and color simplicity are a dramatic contrast 
of great loveliness. It may be grown to enormous size by disbudding. Ex- 
ceptionally free and vigorous, with abundant gray-greeen foliage. Soft, 
fascinating scent. Always an excellent choice if you wish to achieve a 
garden-spot effect of frosty white. The 2 to 23^-ft. plant is disease resistant 
and hardy. Rex Anderson is a "must" for the "white garden" or any other 
that requires beauty. 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 12 for $21.00 


MARDI GRAS QAbove) This Rose is as exciting and gay as the 

festive season it celebrates. The bud is very dark red, and the flower 
keeps the full rich color. As the bud opens, the high center gradually 
unfolds and the outside petals reach to more than 5 in. in diameter, 
with a deep sparkling red color at the finish. The flowers are borne 
freely, and the plant thrives as well in hotter climates as in the rest 
of the country. Pleasing Damask or old Rose fragrance. The 33^-ft. 
bush extends long, strong, vigorous canes and stems that make it 
excellent for cutting. An abundance of healthy, attractive foliage 
forms a perfect background. (PI. Pat. #1139.) 

$2.25 each; 3 for $6.00; 12 for $24.00 

CONTENTMENT Pointed, ovoid 
buds open to 5/^ to 6-in. flowers. High- 
centered blooms. Delicate pink suf- 
fused with vellow. Extremely hardy. 
2>i to3ft. '(PI. Pat. #1644.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 
12 for $26.40 

DETROITER Rich carmine red 
buds. Bright red, high-centered 
blooms. 5/^ in. across, 20 to 25 crisp 
petals. Basal shoots. Extremely hardy. 
2Mto3ft. (PL Pat. #1219.) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21.00 

known as Mrs. Miniver. 

(.otdi) Here is the spectacular cardinal-red Rose 
All over the country, rosarians in test 
gardens say "the color cannot be forgotten," "extra good in fall/* 
"most beautiful red I know." The pointed, dark carmine buds be- 
come 5/^ to 6-in., cardinal-red blooms having an attractive cupped 
shape and ruffled petals; delightful old Rose fragrance. This spectacu- 
lar, perfectly formed Rose wins endless devotion. Vigorous; 30 in. 
tall. Order now and enjoy the famous Mrs. Miniver Rose in your own 
garden. (PI. Pat. #725.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

Rex Anderson 

Jockson & 

Perkins . 


in Roses 



Mrs. Miniver 


See Back 


A beautiful clear pink Rose that veritably sings out its exquisite color 
and fragrance. The flowers are of the favorite high-centered form, well 
filled with petals, opening gradually from the slender deeper pink buds 
to the fully open blooms of lovely self-pink. The 20 to 24-in. bush is 
amazingly free blooming. Foliage is a clean olive-green color. Ex- 
cellent for cut-flowers. (PL Pat. #1541.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


TAWNY GOLD QBelotu) The intriguing tawny gold color out- 
shines everything around it! Flower arrangers love the tantalizing 
color, which blends bufF, bronze and gold in an enchanting way. 
The petals of Tawny Gold acquire a quaint frilled edge which adds 
to the charm of the open bloom. Two or three blooms will fill a 
whole room with their fruity perfume. Another feature of Tawny 
Gold is its ability to last a long time both on the plant and indoors. 
Holly-like foliage is another one of Tawny Gold's good points. 
The li-^-ft. plant is bushy and compact and will bloom very freely. 
(PL Pat. #950.) 

$2.25 each; 3 for $6.00; 12 for $24.00 


) J. &? p. CO, 


GROUP No. 189 

Mrs. Miniver 
Zulu Queen 

f of each: 

Tawny Gold 


GROUP No. 199 

/ of each: Mardi Gras Huntsman 

Tawny Gold 

Value $9.00 
Save tun 


Only $7*®^ 

J. tf p. CO. 

HUNTSMAN (^Above) This beautiful bicolor Rose is one of 
the freest and steadiest bloomers we have ever seen. It is really 
a wonderful Rose in all ways. Once you see the glorious flowers, 
you're sure to want them in your garden all season long. The long, 
slightly rounded, red-and-yellow buds and large, brilliant blooms 
of spectrum-red and orange-yellow are of exhibition quality. 
The compact plant reaches a height of 18 to 24 in. and has a wealth 
of dark holly-green foliage. (PI. Pat. #1012.) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 12 for $21.00 


NEIGE PARFUM. Its purity of color is much enhanced by the copious, breath-taking 
lemon- verbena aroma. The early, ovoid-shaped bud has a shghtest tinge of cream, then 
delicate lemon as it unfolds. Plants are 2 to 1)4, ft. tail. Because of its remarkable fra- 
grance it will be a constant source of joy. Rich dark green foliage. 
$1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 12 for $18.60 

PEACEFUL (Below) The bright, cheerful color of the bud gives only 
a hint of the glorious latent beauty that is revealed in the color of the fully 
open 5j/^ to 6j^-in. bloom. Large, ovoid buds open slowly; when only half 
open, the light coral outer petals that are suffused with pale apricot, bend 
slightly, revealing the luminous deep coral-rose-pink of the inside of the 
petals, making a most attractive pattern against the lighter reverse. An 
exceptionally strong plant that reaches a height of 2j^ to 3 ft, (PL Pat. 


$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 
12 for $26.40 


© J. 6? p. CO. 

with every order 

. . . HOME 


GUIDE . . . 

packed with 



The darkest and one of the "blackest" 
of all red Roses . . . dusky deep maroon, almost black in Its 
recesses. The flowers are very large and full-petaled. Of distinct 
vigor and beauty, the rich, velvety blooms never burn in the sun 
but hold their color admirably in torrid weather. While not an 
unusually free bloomer, Zulu Queen will produce more than 
enough flowers to satisfy your expectations. Vigorous, hardy 
plants grow 2 ft. tall. A distinct and delightful fragrance. 
$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

JACKSON & PERKINS CO. U4.t£^JL^e^^^G^^><<^ 

. -^-f «-^;%'<- 

18 J &P,., Leaders 
in Roses Since 1872! 





wefs from June to Novembert 

Amazingly Low Prices ...Ta Encourage 
large Areas and by New^ Home Owners! 

•BETTER TIMES. Brilliant cerise 
blooms with long stems. Pronounced 
and enchanting fragrance. A hardy 
phmt, medium tall. 

•CRIMSON GLORY. One of the ten 

most popular Roses in America. It is 
beautiful and dependable. Beautifully - 
formed blooms of deep vivid crimson, 
held proudly on vigorous, 2 to 23^-ft. 
bushes. Voted by far the most fragrant 
Rose by the A.R.S. 

toned coppery pink inside, golden tint 

•COUNTESS VANDAL, Acclaimed as 

the most artistic bloom in rosedom. 
Copper, bronze and pink, flooded with 
gold and reflex ed with silver. Most 
widely used exhibition Rose. Very ef- 
fective in table arrangements. A good 
plant of moderate size. 

•ECLIPSE. Streamlined and modern 
. . . these slim tapering buds set a mark 
in grace and daintiness, often exceeding 
2 in. in length! The best all-purpose 
brilliant golden yellow Rose in all cli- 
mates! Plants are vigorous, producing 
abundant bloom. 

red; large; loose; semi-double; fragrant. 
Vigorous. One of the most dependable 
and free-blooming older Hybrid Teas. 

•DICKSONS RED. This glowing scar- 
let-red Rose *'Iias everything'* . . . 
flashing, unfading color; large, high- 
centered form; rich fragrance; abundant 
continuous bloom; and a strong, sturdy 

McGredy's Sunset. Tinted with deli- 
cate orange and rich scarlet. Best loved 
of the Irish Roses. Swx'ct fresh fra- 
grance. 30-in. plants. 

McGredy*s Yellow. Large, bright 
buttercup-yellow. Exquisite bud and 
flower. Probably the best known of 
IMcGredy Roses. 

Items Starred are illustrated 


golden yellow, slightly lighter with age; 

•LYDIA. A clear, vivid yellow, cup- 
shaped bloom. Although not a tall grower 
this variety is a constant source of color- 
ful flowers. The deep green, glossy foliage 
is decorative, and the rich clear yellow 
blooms glitter in contrast. The plant is 
very hardy, medium tall, and bushy. 


•NUMA FAY.^ Very full-petaled 
coral-pink, satiny and fragrant, 

Poinsettia. Long, pointed, perfect buds; 
glowing ft re- red. Vigorous. Fine for 

President Herbert Hoover. Maroon and orange, 
two-tone. For years this has been the most popular two- 
tone Rose. Vigorous; free-blooming; fragrant. 

Radiance. Cameo-pink; large, intensely fragrant. 
Blooms all season, in all climates. Tall. 

Red Radiance. Very large; long-lasting; intense- 
ly fragrant; clear, even red. Tall. 

•SIGNORA, Buds warm brownish orange, 
opening to lighter mandarin and, salmon. 
Blooms are double and very fragrant, on 
long strong stems. Foliage rich, glossy 
dark green. Tall, vigorous growth. 30 to 
36 in. 

•K. A. VIKTORIA. One of the 

daintiest and most delightful of 
all white Roses. Produces great 
quantities of pure white flowers 
all season. Fragrant and long- 
lived. Height 24 to 30 in. 

Frau Karl Druschki, Pure 
white Roses. Very double, very | 
large and long lasting. Noted for 
its extreme toughness and vigor. 
Can be used many ways ... in- 
formal hedge, mass plantings, 
large flowering shrub, pillar type 
against walls, fences. 

J & P Home 

Garden Guide 
with every 





(Leff) The beautiful display starts early on this hardy Flori- 
bunda. ... as scores of gorgeous burnt-orange buds begin to 
appear. Slowly they open to high-centered, Hybrid-Tea- 
shaped blooms with 35 to 40 petals ... of sparkling warm 
ORANGE-RED, softening to reddish coral . . . with a sweet, 
old Rose fragrance. The vigorous plant blooms constantly 
from early spring to severe frost . . . sometimes in clusters 
and sometimes singly. Enthusiastically acclaimed by testers, 
Spartan is destined to become one of the most popular Flori- 
bundas of all time. Long stems make it perfect 
for cutting, and there is no end to the flowers avail- 
able for house use. Never before a Rose like this! 
For sheer beauty, breath-taking color, 
exquisite form, profusion of bloom, 
exceptional hardiness — for a combina- 
tion of the qualities looked for in 
any Rose — Spartan simply can't be 
beat. It is truly the first perfect 
20th-century Rose ever developed 
and will be the center of attraction 
in your garden for years to come. 
(PL Pat. #1357.) 
$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 
12 for $26.40 


1957 All-America Selections Winner! 

(^ighi) An enchanting white Floribunda 
with sparkling 4 to 5-in. flowers and 
lustrous dark green foliage. The 
gardenia-like flowers open fully with a 
sweet spicy fragrance. As the flower 
slowly unfolds, the center petals remain 
upright. When the center petals finally 
separate and open, the small circle of 
golden yellow stamens gives an 
added note of charm. Seen against 
the background of the smart 
green foliage, the effect is one of 
cool freshness and youth. Flow- 
ers are produced constantly in 
clusters and as individual 
blooms. Easy to care for and 
resistant to disease. (PL Pat. 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 
12 for $26.40 


ALL 5 

GROUP No. 239 

Value $12.S0 Save $1.SS 

195a All-America Winner! 

(Left) An orange-scarlet Flori- 
bunda. The plant is upright, 
30 to 36 in. tall, with large, leathery, 
lustrous dark green foliage. Dark red 
buds of globular shape slowly open 
to 3 to 3M-in. flowers, with large at- 
tractive petals that are flaming orange- 
scarlet in warm weather, with 
dark overtones and an 
underlying incandescence 
when the weather is cool. 
Flowers have up to 40 
petals with margins 
frilled and ruffled. Fra- 
grant, floriferous and con- 
tinuous blooming. (PL 
Pat. #1709.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6,605 
12 for $26.40 


Hew Color! Coral and Gold! 

(JBelow) Like its winsome namesake, 
the Betsy McCall Floribunda is de- 
lightfully captivating. The color is 
soft coral overlaid with gold. The 
23^ to 3-ft. bush is well clothed with 
foliage. It has a neat habit and an 
abundance of slender buds and cupped 
flowers. The flowers generally appear 
in airy clusters and occasionally on 
individual stems. The plant has many 
of the characteristics of its inter- 
nationally famous parent, Fashion. 
The two varieties are exquisite com- 
panions for a spot where they may be 
enjoyed from the house. A beautiful, 
hardy plant. (PL Pat. #1603.) 
$2,50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 



{Left) This All- America Winner for 1958 is a large, 
deep yellow Floribunda, distinguished for vigor, 
size, form and productiveness. The pointed buds 
are deep yellow and open up to 3 to 3/^-in., non- 
fading blooms. The 2^-ft. plants are well clothed 
with glossy dark foliage and are constantly re- 
newed by the freely sprouting basal shoots. Never 
without flowers, this new prize-winner is a wel- 
come addition, with larger, non-fading flower, 
glossy foliage and sweet Rose fragrance. It has 
been successful everywhere. There is marked 
disease resistance in all regions and a great en- 
thusiasm for the firm color and ornamental foliage. 
Our own experts who tested it for the past few 
years acknowledge it a winner. A real acquisition 
is this beautiful Rose. (PL Pat. #1683.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


GROUP No. 249 

Spartan Ivory Fashion 
Betsy McCall Gold Cup 

Save $1.30 

QLeff) Here indeed is the finest 
Floribunda ever created. For nowhere is 
there another Rose to match Fashion's 
breath-taking color . . . luminous coral- 
pink suffused with gold. We wish it 
were possible for us to describe 
Fashion's unusual color even ade- 
quately, but no words or color 
photos could capture its bright 
pinkish luminescence. It produces 
hundreds of Roses on every bush 
. . . hundreds of exquisite oriental- 
red buds which slowly transform 
into miniature Hybrid Teas up to. 
3/^ in. across. Graceful wavy 
petals and a rich display of golden 
yellow stamens add even more 
beauty to the luminous coral-pink 
open flowers. Immense clusters of 
20 to 25 flowers bloom continuously 
from June to frost. The plant is 
hardy and vigorous, reaching about 
2 ft. in height. Enchanting deli- 
cate fragrance fills the air. (PL 
Pat. #789.) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21.00 


Floribundas Are 


(^Above) The truly Golden Yellow Flori- 
bunda! Somewhere in your garden there 
is room for this mass of glorious sunshine 
which will delight you from early spring 
all through summer and fall. Clusters last 

Wmner of Six World- 
Wide Awards! 


(Kighf) The rich cherry-coral 

color of Vogue is only one of 

its outstanding features. The 

slow opening oi its ovoid buds is a show in itself. These 

buds evolve into perfectly formed, high-centered blooms 

that are 3 to 4 in. across. The graceful flowers in medium 

and large clusters are in evidence all season 

long. The l}/2 to 3-ft. plant grows compact 

and bushy, with an abundance of dark green, 

leathery foliage. Ideal for foundation planting, 

beds, borders and specimens. It will yield 

beautiful carnation-scented bouquets. 

This 1952 All-America Rose Selections 

winner is among the finest Floribundas 

ever grown, with real style and 

distinction all its own. See for 

yourself! (PL Pat. #926.) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21.00; 25 for $40.00 


1955 AlUAnwrtco Winner^ 

^ight') Jiminy Cricket was the only 
Floribunda to win the 1955 All-America 
Selections Award. This pert new Flori- 
bunda has masses of tangerine-red buds- 
which open to unusual, sharp corai- 
orange or vermilion blooms that finish a 
lovely pink-coral shade. The unusual 
color is amazing, as it never blues or 
becomes commonplace.. The thrifty bush 
is covered with shimy green foliage 
which is bronzy when young. 
Each individual bloom is a 
model; of perfection and has a 
distinctive^ pleasing Damask 
fragrance. The upright growth 
of the biiish makes Jiminy 
Cricket ideal for hedges and 
for massing". The3'3^-in,, cup- 
shaped flowers dress the 4-ft. 
bush throughout the season. 
Pleasing planted alone or with 
other Floribundas. (PI. Pat. #1346.) 

$2.00 each; S for $5.25; 
12 far $21.00; 25 for $40.00 

For Beautiful 

Winner of John Cook Medal of 
American Rose Society i 

a long time, as fresh new buds 
keep replenishing the over-all 
effect of a golden yellow mass. 
Ovoid buds open slowly and 
gracefully, passing through 
many attractive phases. The 
flowers are cupped in the early 
stages and gradually open to 
3,V2 in- across. Plants have a 
dense, spreading, well-balanced 
habit of growth, reaching a 
height of l}/2 ft. Dark green 
foliage is glossy and decorative. 
Can be planted anywhere. (Pi, 
Pat. #672.) 

1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 
12 for $18.60; 25 for $35.00 


Exquisite Ophelia-shaped buds of a 
translucent light Fashion color, graced by 
shades of red, make a startling change 
to graceful, cup-shaped, 33^ to 4-in. 
blooms of sparkling coral-shell-pink. A 
suffusion of yellow is present in all of 
the early stages, until at the very end of 
bloom it finishes a soft shell-pink. This 
generous, free bloomer has excellent 
spring and fall flowers that never fade 
or lose their sparkle. The bushy, 
23^ to 3-ft. plant is strong and com- 
pact, with an abundance of rich 
green foliage. Ma Perkins is 
highly resistant to diseases and 
insect pests. Excellent for bou- 
quets. (PI. Pat. #1143.) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21.00; 25 for $40.00 


QAhove) A lovely yellow, 
medium-growing Grandiflora 
with masses of flowers which 
open to clean clear yellow and retain their color until'the petals drop. The 
plant is literally covered with 334 to 4-in. flowers. Rich dark green, medium- 
sized foliage. Excellent pointed buds of deep yellow open up to cupped, golden 
yellow blooms. When fully open the deep golden yellow stamens are very 
effective with the lighter yellow petals. The steady production of blooms gives 
it the title of "the sweetest, neatest, all-purpose yellow in the Rose Garden." 
(PL Pat. App. for.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


Wings ^^^"^^^ 

A snappy deep red Floribunda with ^""^i^ 

long-lasting flowers and unfading color. This . .J^ ^ 
gorgeous velvety red tone stands the hot sun 
without fading and withstands the spotting of 
summer rains. Flowers with about 20 petals come 
both singly and clustered. Red Wings is very de- 
pendable under all conditions. The plant is me- 
dium large and well formed. There is a great 
amount of foliage, which, with the rich red 
blooms, gives a wonderful effect. The plant is 
useful in all garden plantings. It can be depended 
on for a constant show of color, as it steadily pro- 
duces good heads of bloom from spring to hard 
frost. (PI. Pat. App. for.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

Test No. 

(^Below) A new 
Floribunda for 
the lovers of something difl^erent in Roses. The bud 
is a light pastel pink with a deeper blush heart. 
As the flower opens, this captivating delicate pink is 
retained while the inner petals, which have almost a 
silky texture', retain their deeper tones and a flower of 
great beauty develops. The open, 3-in. bloom is full, 
slightly cupped and moderately fragrant. The bushy 
plant, covered with glossy foliage, reaches a height of 
' ' to 30 in. (PI. Pat. #1564.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

MiNiATiinr Rn^r^ ..precious jem^^ 

mmlAIUnL KUolO the rose fam^^h 


A real novelty- in the smallest of Roses, 
with many colors on each plant at all 
times. The exact replica or Floribunda 
Masquerade with tiny yellow buds that 
open to rich yellow blooms, eventually 
turning pink and finishing a very pleasant 
deep red. 8-in. plants bloom from May to 
November. (PI. Pat. #1580.) 
$1.25 eaeh; 3 for $3.30; 12 for $13.20 

The new miniature Rose Twinkles is a 
lovely white, which sparkles in the sun- 
light with its many tiny blooms. The fully 
-double flower has just a slight fragrance. 
Many flowers are produced all summer 
long on a compact bush that stays com- 
fortably low. See how appealing it will be. 
(PL Pat. #1407.) 
$1.25 each; 3 for $3.30; 12 for $13.20 

Perfect little double rose-pink flowers 
on a 4 to 6-in. plant, just as dainty as the 
Roses. The little Swiss Rose that was lost 
for many years; now treasured in American 
gardens. Very easy to grow. 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 
12 for $10.00; 25 for $18.75 

OA KINGTON RUBY (Nor illustrated') Deep carmine buds, open to rich 
ruby-crimson. Fully double flowers smaller than 1 in., even fully opened. 
Less than 12 in. tall. Free flowering from May to November; demands no 
special attention except cover in cold winters. 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 12 for $10.00; 25 for $18.75 


TINY ROSES! l of each: 

Baby Masquerade Twinkles 

Rosa Rouletti 
Oakington Ruby 
Value $SJ5 
Save $.80 


Only $4*95 

Exquisitely formed miniature buds 
open to flowers no larger than a 
postage stamp. From the bud to the 
open flower with its starlike edges, 
this is a personification of the ideal 
in Rose flow^er form. The flowers are 
fully double and lightly fragrant. 
The color is a clean blood-red, and 
the dark red bud is perfect for a 
boutonniere. Flowers are usually 
borne in clusters and sometimes on 
individual stems, but the plant is 
always in bloom. The foliage is 
ample. Completely hardy plants will 
build up in size year after year. (PI. 
Pat. #1577.) 

$1.25 each; 3 for $3.30; 
12 for $13.20 

PIGMY RED (Above) This striking new pigmy with its 
petite, 12-in. plant is excellent for borders, wall tops, bed 
edges and boxes. Always in bloom, it produces as many as 
17 blooms and buds on one plant at one time. The dark red 
flowers are enhanced by a tiny white eye in the center. 
Imagine a Rose bush only a foot high that blooms so pro- 
fusely. (PI. Pat. #1319.) 

$1.50 each; 3 for $3.90; 12 for $15.60 

PIGMY GOLD (Above) Golden yellow flowers about 
1 in. in diameter appear in clusters or singly. They are 
not merely curiosities for their size; they add color and 
interest wherever used. Dark shiny green foliage is a 
rich contrast to the golden yellow buds and flowers. 
A dwarf, upright plant only a foot tall. Lovely for 
border use, as an edging for walks, for borders of peren- 
nials or for beds of taller-growing Roses. (PI. Pat. #1114.) 
$1.50 each; 3 for $3.90; 12 for $15.60 


USES: These Roses will add color to steep 
along the tup o: 


Know^n also as the Memorial Rose. An 
effective cover-all for banks and other 
bare, unsightly places. Fragrant, starry 
white flower clusters through late summer. 
Bright red berries later. Spreads rapidly, 
$1.50 each; 3 for $3.90; 
12 for $15.60; 25 for $30.00 

banks and shady spots. 
f retaining walls. 

They are excellent 

MAX GUkY (Not illustrated) 
Excellent for covering steep banks. Tough, 
disease-resistant, dark green foliage that is 
attractive all season. Single, clear pink 
flowers borne in profusion in June and July, 
Does well with little sunshine. 

$1.50 each; 3 for $3.90; 
12 for $15.60; 25 for $30.00 


fAMl^inbom/ of J&P flotibufd 


GROUP No. 309 

Starfire Golden Fleece 

Glacier Amy Vanderbilt 

Value $10.50 
Save $1.30 

New 1959 

CAbove) Starfire ... in every way the Rose- 
Lover's Rose. Its unusual currant-red color is 
sun-fast — w^ill never fade. Its brilliant urn-shaped 
buds open into distinctive, perfectly contoured 
flowers . . .it possesses an unique luminous quality 
that gives texture and depth to each velvety petal. 
Starfire blossoms abundantly against a back- 
ground of bronzy green foliage. Flowers occur 
singly on long cutting stems ... or in clusters. 
Stems from 6 to 12 in. long make it ideally suited 
for cut-flower use. Beautiful and long lasting, 
Starfire continues to be fluorescently lovely, even 
when fully open. Its inner petals curve up over 
the flower center instead of folding down flat. 
Often lasts 8 to 12 days. Starfire should be planted 
toward the back of the garden because it has been 
known to grow as high as 5 ft. or more. (PL 
Pat. m42.) 

$3.50 each; 3 for $9.20; 12 for $35.70 


Winner, Bagatelle Gold Medal, Paris, Francel 

CAbore) Golden Fleece, the Prima Donna of Flori- 
bundas, performs with all the grace and charm of 
a flirting ballerina. Such gay-colored buds ... a 
lively tawny gold color. Slowly, dramatically 
they open to a light tone of rich warm gold . . . 
then . . . as a grand finale, they flare into a bright, 
dazzling canary color! The flowers are unusually 
large for a Floribunda — actually 4 to 4^ in. across 
. . . growing in graceful clusters with as many as 
20 individual blooms. The vigorous, bushy plant 
displays unusually decorative, disease-resistant 
foliage in a medium shade of green. Plant it this 
spring and enjov its lovely, fragrant bloom for 
years to come. (PL Pat. #1512.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


QAbovi) As cool and invigorating as 
the breeze that blows over snow- 
capped mountains ! Bursts out in June 
with dozens upon dozens of icy white 
buds that glisten and dance like icicles 
in the sun. These ice-like buds seem 
to melt away as they slowly open into 
soft snow-white blooms! 4j 2 in- 
across . . . borne either singly or in 
clusters. Really large blooms for a 
Floribunda. And these white Roses 

JACKSON & PERKINS CO. ^^.t^'J^e^;^ G^t<»o^ 

FLORIBUNDAS {rive added 
interest to Climbers. 


around a putio. 

Bird hatlis or anv parden orna- 
ments are setoff l»FU>KI BUM) \S. 

FLORIBUNDAS planted nnder- 
n<-ath \^'iii<lows ^jf a lionie. 




$$ In Yout e$tdBn All SmmmMd hll! 


GROUP No. 319 

Value $J2JS 
Save $1.S5 



Favorite of Many Thousands I 
Purple-Lilac I 

(Beloui) Here in the Amy Vanderbilt Rose is a world- 
wide new color in Roses. The modern sophisticated 
purple-lilac to lavender-lilac introduces a rich, friendly 
and daring color for novelty and startling new effects. 
From early bud to fully opened flower, the color changes 
slowly from an opulent purple-lilac to a lavender-lilac 
• color and finishes a lovely cool lavender. The l}/^ to 3- 
in. flowers grow in clusters of 4 to 8 individual blooms 
and are delightfully fragrant. The bushy, symmetrical 
plant is well covered with dark green foliage that forms 
a nice backdrop for the flowers. This new color is a 
great step ahead in the Rose world and is a great chal- 
lenge to many Rose lovers. Plant it and your 
garden will be the envy of the neighborhood. 
(PL Pat. #1585.) 



"Ail-Around" Floribunda! 

(Below') The brightest, reddest Rose you ever 
saw! A brilliant fiery scarlet that rivals the 
"red" used by the great Venetian master, 
Titian — a flaming red that sparkles and glows 
like a precious ruby. And, unlike an ordinary 
red Rose, this deep blazing red really lasts . . . 
from exquisite bud form until the last petals 
fold up and float away. And the flower itself 
is every bit as breath-taking as the color. Full, 
3K in. across, with beautiful ruffled petals. 
Even in extreme heat, these lovely red beauties 
keep their form and color, setting your garden 
ablaze all season and providing scores of cut 
flowers for arrangements and boutonnieres. 
The foliage, too, is lush and attractive. The 
vigorous, compact plant reaches 2 ft. Siren 
blends well with all its garden neighbors. A 
truly outstanding creation. (PI. Pat. #1197.) 
75 each; 3 for $4.65; 
12 for $18.60; 25 for $35.00 


with every order. 



Sparkling! Glistening! Snow-White! 

are in bloom right up until frost . . . 
covering the plant with drifts of snow 
all season long! The foliage is large 
and deep green. It's the perfect plant 
for a thick blanket of white for any 
area in your garden. The hardy, 
vigorous plant is very bushy and well 
branched, reaching a height of 2 to 
23^ ft. (PI. Pat. #1025.) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21.00; 25 for $40.00 

FLORIBUNDA S are unsurpassed 
for hedges. 


See Bacilr Cover 

Siren ^ 



QKighf) One of the older 
Floribundas and still con- 
sidered to be one of the 
finest! Rochester is very popular, especially with those who 
know Roses well. Blooms are borne freely, in a warm, rich 
tone of light yellow. All season long, Rochester will give you 
enchanting blooms of almost Hybrid Tea size. No other pro- 
duces more blooms per plant. A group planting of Rochester 
furnishes a continuous display of flowers from early June till 
heavy frost. The medium large, double bloom is soft yellow, 
flushed orange-carmine on the reverse. Rochester is remarkably 
hardy, sturdy and vigorous, with cluster formations and the 
free-blooming habit that make Floribundas so perfect for masses . 
Moderate fragrance. 2 to l}4-h. plants. A gem for many 

$1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 12 for $18.60; 25 for $35.00 


(Below) Especially bright crimson, 
velvety-petaled flowers that are 
^3^ to 3 in. across. Produced in 
generous clusters, the dainty buds open slowly until each clus- 
ter bursts with handsome crimson flowers. These enormous 
clusters last two and sometimes even three weeks. As one 
flower finishes, new buds open to take its place. Sturdy and 
hardy, with an 18-in., disease-resistant bush. Long-lasting 
, . . remarkable flower clusters continuously from early spring 
to late fall. The bright clusters are so 
persistent that the bush is never without 
color. Plant Chatter where you want a 
dependable color mass. It will richly 
reward you. (PI. Pat. #739.) 

$1.50 each; 3 for $3.90; 
12 for $15,60; 25 for $30.00 



See Back Cover 

J & P" Famous Ever 
Floribundas Make V\/ 



GROUP No. 329 I «*■» j^^.^^.. 

I of each : 

Betty Prior 
lummer Snow 




Chatter Circus 


Ivory Fashion 

Value $9.25 

Save $1.15 



QKighi) A unique addition 
to the All-America family, 
this is the first "multi- 
color" to be selected for an award. The ever- 
changing colors vary from rich yellow and red 
in the bud to orange-bufF flushed apple-blossom- 
pink, and usually end with a gay flourish of 
red as the flower opens fully. The bud is beau- 
tifully formed, and the many-petaled, high- 
centered flower opens gracefully. The full, 
well-rounded plant is low to medium in height, 
with attractive glossy foliage. The bright 
colors, always changing, suggest the excitement 
of the "Big Top." (PL Pat. |1382.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

Floribundas planted 
among everf!;r<*i'ns. 

Floribundas used as 
curb planting. 

Tbis hedge is brougbt 
to life by Floribundas. 

Floribundas as an edging 
for a laM n. 

1 \ 




M.\NAXS in Bloom! 

(Left) Unusually tall and free flowering; delicate pink; spicy fragrance. In 
June its colorful myriads of blossoms are a glorious sight. All through the 
summer the buds and flowers, resembling red dogwood, continue to attract 
interest. Buds are lively red, opening shell-pink, having 5 petals, dogwood- 
like in shape, size and color. The healthy, vigorous plants are sturdy yet 
delicate in appearance. In beds, borders, hedges, groups and large plantings, 
Betty Prior gives gorgeous mass color effects and many cut flowers. Tallest 
of all Floribundas, excellent for the background of a Rose garden or peren- 
nial border. An established plant in a sheltered position will grow 4 ft. 
tall or more. Large bloom clusters in spring and continuously all season. 
Abundantly branched, with lush green foliage. Very hardy. 

$1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 12 for $18.60; 25 for $32.00 


(Below) The most prolific of 
white Floribundas, with great 
"drifts" of beautiful large 
clusters like mounds of snow. The remarkable profusion of heavy flower 
clusters covers the plant during late June, July, August and September. 
Summer Snow Floribunda Roses are being used to work wonders on the 
"white gardens" now so much in vogue, also to accent and blend other 
colors in the perennial and shrubbery borders. Most reliable to heavily 
blanket any area you wish with immaculate white. Blooms continuously 
from early June until frost. Sweet, elusive fragrance. Light green, attrac- 
tive foliage. Summer Snow planted with Chatter, gives a striking effect. 
The clear white, dainty blooms reach 3/^ in. across. The 20-in. plant is 
very hardy. Regardless of what you have in your garden. Summer Snow in 
groups will make it more interesting . . . more delightful . . . more beau- 

$1.50 each; 3 for $3.90; 12 for $15.60; 25 for $30.00 

blooming ^^v^g 

onderful Hedges! I 





Suinincr Snow 

(Left) Widely used in the florist trade 
today and displayed at Flower Shows 
throughout the nation. And anyone 
who has received a corsage of petite red Roses for 
that "special occasion" has undoubtedly worn 
Garnette. The petite flowers, about 2 in. across, 
are a deep garnet-red and are borne in clusters of 
15 to 20. When cut for indoors, Garnette keeps 
its perfect form. Actually it will last from a week 
to 10 days. Abundant masses of crinkled, holly- 
like foliage adorn the plant. Only 18 in. tall, it 
should be planted in the front of the Rose bed. 
The red "sweetheart" flowers are very desirable. 
$1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 12 for $18.60; 
25 for $32.00 

Floribundas used as 
entrance planting. 

A coniprc- 
h e n 8 i V e 
H O M K 
GUIDE . . . 
with every 

1 30 


& Perkins . • 
^Leaders in Roses 

Since I872i 



J. wp. 




looks like a geranium and has the 
same spicy fragrance. The 4-in., ca- 
mellia-like flowers of vivid spectrum- 
red border on the scarlet of the old- 
fashioned geranium. The very double 
blooms are borne in abundance. Buds 
are dark oxblood-red, and the tumbled 
pattern of inner petals shows a 
brighter color in contrast to the dark 
buds. Vigorous and hardy, the plant 
will reach 2 ft. tall. The blooms 
appear both in clusters and in- 
dividually on single stems. An 
early grower, the bush is compact 
and disease resistant. Highly de- 
sirable in every garden. Easy to 
grow. (PI. Pat. #811.) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21,005 25 for $40.00 

CLefi) Pointed 
buds of exquisite 
salmon, flushed 
gold at the base, open to 
IJ^-in., Hybrid -Tea -shaped 
blooms of soft clear pink with edges gradu- 
ally changing to a deeper pink. The first of 
'the famous "Pinocchio Family" is a prolific bloomer! 
The word "everblooming" seems inadequate ... as the 
last flowers in a cluster finish, the first buds are opening 
on other shoots. This persistent bloom continues all 
summer long. The artistic sprays of buds and blooms last 
unusually well and are incomparable for mass or minia- 
ture flower arrangements. The 20 to 24-in. plant is 
extremely hardy. Ample, rich dark foliage is very- 
disease resistant. Pinocchio has an exotic, 
fruity fragrance. The cool pink masses of 
bloom are refreshing. The charm of this 
Rose, which was evident when it was first 
introduced, seems never to fade. Everyone 
loves it and its popularity grows steadily 
with every season. Plant it this 
spring and enjoy its delightful 
blooms this summer. (PI. 
Pat. #484.) 

$1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 
12 for $18.60; 
25 for $35.00 


(Naf illustrated) Picture-perfect buds are a deep 
satiny carmine-red on the outside and a brighter car- 
mine on the inside. The 33^-in., Hybrid-Tea-shaped 
blooms are cupped, with about 25 to 30 petals, and 
present masses of clean red color all season long. They 
are carried in large, long-lasting clusters that are un- 
fading. The upright bush is vigorous and free flower- 
ing, with long shoots and the excellent foliage found 
on all the members of the famous Pinocchio family. 
The extremely hardy bush is very easy to grow and is 
always in bloom. Hundreds of flowers on every bush. 
(PI. Pat. #812.) 
$1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 12 for $18.60; 25 for $35.00 

II^^Hi ■ ■ P I N OC C H I O^ 

(Not illustrate!) Here is another thrilling 
Pinocchio, with great masses of fragrant, 
apricot-yellow blooms and the same sturdy 
bush. The plant grows about 3 ft. tall and when at 
its peak of bloom is a rounded mound of yellow. The 
petite buds have touches of red on the outside petals 
and are carried in large clusters. The foliage is dark 
green, tough and very disease resistant. A welcome 
addition to the Floribunda Roses and is as popular as 
its far-famed parent. The 3-in., fully double blooms 
are long lasting and come continually from spring to 
frost. (PI. Pat. #992.) 

$1.50 each; 3 for $3.90; 12 for $15.60 


(Above) Here is a Rose that is so 
brilliant and so vivid that words 
or color illustrations just cannot 
do it justice. This new color is 
definitely one of the most scintillat- 
ing hues we have ever seen. The 
beautiful flowers grow up to 4 in. 
in diameter, in clusters of 6 or 
more. These brilliant orange- 
scarlet blooms are like flaming 
torches and are superbly accented 
by rich glossy foliage. This beau- 
tiful variety grows from 1}^2 to 3 
ft. in height, producing great 
quantities of foliage and forming a 
very compact bush. Here is a va- 
riety that does not fade and pos- 
sesses a moderate old-fashioned 
Tea Rose fragrance. Plant it this 
spring and en joy it for years to come. 
It will show off especially well 
against a dark background. (PL 
Pat. #1036.) 

$1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 
12 for $18.60; 25 for $35.00 


GROUP No. 349 

Pinocchio Red Pinocchio 
Yellow Pinocchio 
White Bouquet 

Value $7,50 - $^^ CC 

Save $.96 0«li# fj"^^ 

We are greatly pleased to .offer the 
world-famous Blaze in the form 
of a captivating Floribunda. Pro- 
lific in flowering and richly warm 
in color, this cheerful Floribunda 
has delicate, semi-cup-shaped flow- 
ers with interesting fluted petals. 
A vigorous, 3 -ft. bush produces an 
abundance of deep red, pointed 
buds that mature into velvety red 
when open . Finishing a few shades 
lighter, the bright color is much 
enhanced by the white eye at the 
center of the flower. It does not 
fade or blue. Excellent for group 
plantings, hedges and especially 
as a base planting for Blaze 
Climber. (PL Pat. #1362.) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21.00; 25 for $40.00 


GROUP No. 359 

Gerantum Red Baby Blaze 
Pink Bountiful Masquerade 

Valve $9.50 


(Right) You will prize this lusty Floribunda 
in your garden for its soft pink flowers with 
their dawn-like glow. Large, lasting bloom 
clusters provide a fresh and profuse mass of 
color all summer long. When fully open, the 
colorful flowers measure up to 3 in. across, 
looking like miniature Hybrid Teas. Pink 
Bountiful will go equally well in Rose beds or 
mass plantings. Ovoid buds are tinted deep 
reddish pink and unfold demurely into flowers 
with bufF-salmon-pink hearts, flushing into a 
deeper pink at the outer petals. The nutty 
fragrance adds to its charm when used in flower 
arrangements or nosegays. Its season- 
long bloom, delightful color and fra- 
grance make it unusual and effective 
in any location you may choose. 
With all its pure delicacy of form and 
color, Pink Bountiful is hardy and 
easy to grow. Height 2 ft. (PL 
Pat. #601.) 

$1.75 each; 3 for $4.65; 
12 for $18.60; 25 for $35.00 




J. W P. 



ARE ^ 


Especially 1% 

f I or i b u n d aiillli:, 

(Right) Truly unique and different, 
each cluster of 10 to 25 buds shows 
blooms of yellow, red, pink, 
lemon and sometimes orange. All 
these colors appear at once in a 
magnetic combination. Each bud 
is golden yellow, with tiny ver- 
milion marks. The center bud in 
each cluster opens first, becoming 
rose-pink as the petals unfold. 
Gradually the rose-pink deepens 
until it is a deep red. While the 
first bud in any cluster is going 
through these stages, other buds 
are gradually developing, each 
one passing through the same 
lovely color sequence. Bushy and 
free blooming. A bed ofit is a dream 
come true! (PL Pat. #975-) 

$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21.00; 25 for $40.00 

^ — Baby Blaze 


I J. & p. CO. 


All These Colors 
Off ONE Plant! 





g^ - 


BeBufifulA C(flleefiMfimbloomin^ Clifnbets 



(Belotv) Here's- the champion of 
everblooming Climbers. Like 
the gladiators of old, it has 
incredible endurance . . . 
blooms and reblooms all season. You'd expect to find such huge blooms 
only on the finest Hybrid Tea; yet Gladiator is noted for its immense, 
5-in., high-centered flowers . . . unusually large for a Climber. But the 
huge size is only part of the story! When you see the brilliant rose-red 
color — a subtle blend of the brightest scarlet and the softest red— you'll 
know why this gorgeous Climber is in a class all by itself. You'll be 
absolutely thrilled when scores and scores of exquisite flowers burst 
into bloom on the 8 to 10-ft. plants, making an irresistibly beautiful 
picture in your garden, on your fence, around your house! And Gladia- 
tor imparts a delicate, pleasant fragrance that is really delightful. The 
large, disease-resistant foliage is an impressive dark emerald-green in 
color and creates a decorative effect by itself. Yet so hardy is this 
Climber that it withstands the battles of zero winter climate. In every 
sense of the word, this Climber is a real champion; all lovers of beauty 
are sure to feci its impact. This superb Climber pays for itself many 

times over, even in one season. (PI. 
Pat. #1524.) 


QBelotv) A refreshing 
color in Climbers. The 
large, 5-in. flowers arc a 
dewy, silvery rose flushed with salmon, so it is a warm soft pink in all 
stages. A sufl^usion of yellow at the base of the petals only serves to 
enhance this Rose. One of the most fascinating things about this 
Climber is its unusually large buds, which are about 3 in. across and of 
the same color and fine texture as the full blooms. Magnificent, fully 
double blooms appear singly and on very long stems. Attractive shiny, 
dark holly-like foliage decorates this 6 to 8-ft. pillar. It will fill your 
garden with its sweet, spicy old Rose fragrance. You will be delighted 
with its performance and marvel at its large blooms and enchanting 
color. Plant it this spring and enjoy its beauty and fragrance in your 
garden for years to come. (PI. Pat. #1447.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


$2.75 each; 3 for $7.20; 
12 for $28.80 

CUmbing Roses 


with every order, 
DEN (;UII>E pack- 
ed %vith informa- 
tion OT1 the plant- 
ing and care of 

© J. W p. CO. 


(^Above) This vigorous, easily 
managed Climber that 
blooms the first year it is 
planted is the yellow Climb- 
er you have been looking for! Ovoid buds open to gorgeous, golden 
yellow blooms with up to 45 shiny petals. These richly colored, enduring 
flowers reach up to 4 in. across. With the blooming habit of a Floribunda, 
the flowers are carried in clusters of three to seven and also singly on 
stems adequate for cutting. The abundant foliage is of moderate size, 
borne on the 4 to 5-ft. canes that will develop the first year. Three to 
four canes will be produced each following year until the plant reaches 
its full, majestic height of 5 to 7 ft. A moderate fruity fragrance sur- 
rounds this well-balanced Climber. Characterized by dependable re- 
currence of bloom and strong growth, this Pillar 
Rose never tends to get out of bounds. This brilliant 
plant is very adaptable and extremely hardy. We 
are proud to present it to Rose growers who have 
hopefully looked for this type and color. (Prop. 
Rights Reserved.) 

$3.00 each; 3 for $7.95; 12 for $31.80 

Oon Jm 


(^Ahove) True to the traditional hero 
of Tirso de Molina's drama, Mozart's 
most perfect opera, and Lord Byron's epic poem, this new Climber con- 
stantly surrounds itself with beauty. In its quest for beauty, this new 
Pillar Rose dresses itself with an unusual number of velvety red flowers 
throughout the entire summer. In spring there is a burst of deep velvety 
red, 5-in. flowers, both in clusters and singly, with a delightful fragrance. 
The pointed bud is a rich deeper red and excellent for cutting. The flower 
retains its clean color until the petals drop to the ground. All through 
the summer there is a constant display of the fragrant, rich red flowers, 
not only on the old wood but on new tall-growing bottom breaks. The 
8 to 10-ft. plant is well filled with dark green, lustrous foliage. Highly 
resistant to disease and mildew, this new Climber promises to gain great 
popularity, as its excellent quality of bloom, its color and its fragrance 
become known. (Prop. Rights Reserved.) 

$3.00 each; 3 for $7.95; 12 for $31.80 


See Bacilr Cover 




Everblooming CLIMBERS make this 
fence come alive. 

A Rose Arbor is enhanced by 
Everblooming CLIMBERS. 

Everblooming CLIMBERS beautify 
any home. 

A garden entrance framed by 
Everblooming CLIMBERS 

Everblooming Climbers 

planted along a 

stone wall. 


Everblooming Climbera 
planted beside a 

Everblooming Climbers 

create a stunning picture 

at this entrance. 

Kverbloomins i^limb- 

ers framing a garage 


Everblooming Clinibers 
framing u picture 

Everblooming Climbers 

screening a sun 


J & P Everblooming Climbers H 


ijyfr^^ ^^^^ow) One of the world's 

Ir most popular Roses in Climber 

form. For years Crimson Glory has been universally 
accepted as one of the best, most popular Roses in 
existence. This luxuriant, vigorous, fast-climbing 
plant is covered with beautifully formed blooms of 
deep vivid crimson . . . each on a strong, sturdy 
stem. The deep red buds are urn-shaped and grad- 
ually unfold into full, perfectly formed, high- 
centered blooms. 

Completely captivating fragrance ... so sweet and 
refreshing that you just can't gtt enough of it. Give 
your garden unusual splendor and richness; make 
every post, pillar, fence or wall, a dazzling sheet of 
glory by planting this Climber liberally. In sub-zero 
areas plant this Climber in a sheltered location and 
have some protection against winter injury. When 
you plant this popular Hybrid Tea in the form of a 
magnificent cascading Climber, you add an un- 
equaled touch of splendor to your garden. (PI. Pat. 
#736.) $2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

Climbing Crimson Glory © j. e? p. co. 


wKBr ' £ 


PH^^E^/^ 1 












© J. cr p. CO. Aloha 

A HiunJU C^^'^^O Like an artist's dream, 
IXJIfty^^^^ Aloha bursts into bloom from top 
^XJ'^Kr to bottom with a breath-taking 

^f display of never-to-be-forgotten glory. After 

this first peak of June beauty, Aloha continues to bloom 
during the entire season until frost. So profuse ... so 
rich ... in its deep rose-pink blooms of enormous size 
that it defies description. An unbelievable mass of deep 
coral-pink buds starts the show. These open to very full, 
double, perfectly formed blooms of handsome size. Flower 
after flower measures 5 in. across and as much as 3 in. deep. 
Aloha blooms in long-stemmed clusters of buds. The buds 
do not open all at once. The primary bud develops into a 
gorgeous 5-in. bloom while the secondary buds around it are 
still undeveloped. (PI. Pat. #948.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

Climbing GOLDEN 
SHOWERS is the answer 
to the landscaper's dream 
— a Rose variety that 
lends* itself to landscape 
treatment as no other 
ever has. Exquisitely 
shaped, dafi*odil-yellow\ 
long-pointed buds and 
fragrant, high-centered 
43^ to 5-in., open yellow 
blooms. Almost thorn- 
less, with long, beauti- 
fully decorative, bronze 


CROUP NO. 38« 

Ctlin«on Glory 


sav« Only 


ETerblooming Climbers 

trained along a 

rail fence. 

Everblooming Climbers 

trained along the side 

of a house. 

Everblooming Climbers 
planted at the back 
entrance of a house. 

Everblooming Climbers 
planted by a 

Another of the many uses 

for Everblooming 


Everblooming (Climbers 

for entrance 



ave Many Uses In Your Garden! 

• : t 

Golden Showers 

cutting stems, GOLDEN 
SHOWERS makes ex- 
citing cut-flower arrange- 
ments. Trained as a 
Climber, it will attain a 
height of 6 to 8 ft. and 
will reach up and along a 
trellis or fence, putting 
forth an unmatched dis- 
play of golden color. Or 
it can be shaped as a 
bush, with gleaming gol- 
den blooms that invite 
picking. This hardy ever- 
blooming Climber blooms 
ffom earliest spring con- 
tinuously through until 
late fall. Highly re- 
sistant to Rose diseases. 
(PL Pat. #1557.) 
$2.75 each; 3 for $7.20; 
12 for $28.80 


^on Juan 
Coral i>^ 

^o^ue $8,00 
Save $i.((g 


Coral Dawn 




ljt4^ The color is Coral Dawn's main attrac- 

^ tion, but it is a superior Climber in every other re- 

spect, too. Here is an everblooming Climber of sparkling 
deep CORAL-PINK ... the color that has become so 
popular in bush Roses, but unavailable in a Climber until 
now. The coral tone does not fade at any stage . . . from 
the dainty pointed buds to the slow-opening, graceful, long- 
lasting, 4K-in. blooms. The full, colorful blooms freely 
decorate the plant all summer long, in clusters of from 3 to 
20 flowers. The lustrous, dark green foliage Is disease re- 
sistant and sets off" the coral-pink flowers. Easy to grow, 
this Climber does extremely well in all regions. (PI. Pat. 
^m^.) 12.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 


(^Beioui) The orange-red color that has been so popu- 
larly received in Hybrid Teas and Floribundas has 
reached the Climbers, where it is particularly eff'ec- 
tive in the breath-taking new Climber SPECTACU- 
LAR. As its name implies, this new Everblooming 
Climber leaves a lasting impression when it is seen 
on a full blooming plant. Although the spring 
blooms alone are ample recompense for the proud 
owner, there is always a strong, rich fall bloom as a 
wonderful bonus. The 6 to 7-ft. canes which con- 
tinue to greater heights the next year are indicative 
of the hardiness and vitality of this promising 
Climber. Enchanting orange-red to spectrum-red 
clusters last long . . . and each one of the 4-in. 
blooms is infused with vigor and freshness. Its al- 
luring color does not fade. (PL Pat. #1416.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 









(Left) These are the brilliant double, red Climb- 
ing Roses one sees all over America. You'll be 
thrilled with exceedingly generous blooms in 
June, July, August and September. Each succeeding year 
will increase your devotion as the plants become established and the sturdy 
canes of "old wood" bring the everblooming characteristic to the fore. In this pic- 
ture the brilliant pillar of glowing red is in complete harmony with the porch. You 
can have thousands of 2 to 3-in., cupped, scarlet-red flowers on just one plant. Use 
the new Improved Blaze where its glorious bloom may be fully enjoyed — on fence or 
garage, pillar or post, at a doorway or on an arch. 

$1.50 each; 3 for $3.90; 12 for $15.60 

WHERE THE HiW 9l42i CAME FROM . . . 

One particular plant that outbloomed and outperformed all others 
was found in the nursery years ago. During July, August and Sep- 
tember this amazing plant continued to bloom constantly. We very 
carefully isolated this plant and used it as a stock plant from which 
to multiply this new strain of Blaze. After years of propagating from 
this heavily blooming type, we now have the new everblooming 
strain ready for sale. We guarantee it to bloom in June, July, August 
and September. You'll see how superior it is. 

Climbing Summer Snow 

\ ' ' 4 


See Back Cover 

New Dawn 

^fm^fkf^ SUMMER SNOW 

(Above) Throughout July, August, September and October, 
CI. Summer Snow continues to bloom generously. Quickly 
produces clusters of pure white, loosely double flowers which 
almost cover the plant. The glistening, double blooms are 
2 in. across, set off with golden stamens when fully open. 
Requires little care and fills out rapidly. Hardy and vigor- 
ous, exciting admiration of all who see it. 8 to 10 ft. 
$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 12 for $21.00 


e Other Colors Either! 



{Below, Lejt) 
One of the hardiest Everblooming Climbing 
Roses known. It has the invaluable habit 
of repeating its perfect, Hybrid-Tea-like 
blooms intermittently all season. Have 
glorious Roses with the precious pink of 
apple blossoms and a delicate appealing old- 
Rose fragrance, in profusion on a plant that 
is easy to grow, requires little care -and 
takes little ground. Have hundreds of 
blooms even in limited space. The trim, 
perfectly formed, pointed buds are most 
artistic in their appeal, superb for use in 
bouquets and arrangements. They have fine 
long stems. The foliage is wondrously 
glossy, remarkably disease-resistant, and 
retains its attractive, decorative appearance 
all season. The sturdy canes grow rapidly; 
even one plant can make a gorgeous display. 
$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 12 for $21.00 



TIk' XKW blaze will beautify your home like this 

The Truly 
Climbing Yellow Rose! 

For years gardeners have loved the gorgeous 
golden color of the Floribunda Goldilocks 
and its ability to bloom all summer. Now 
this magnificent Rose can be enjoyed as a 
Climber. The ovoid, rich golden yellov^ 
buds open to 3j^-in. flov^ers, and fresh new 
buds keep replenishing the effect of a golden 
yellow mass. Just like the Floribunda, 
Goldilocks as a Climber also blooms in 
large clusters. It is extremely vigorous and 
hardy, will grow 6 to 10 ft. in one year and 
will bloom the first year it is planted. Be 
sure to make a place for this fine everbloom- 
ing Climber somewhere in your garden. (PI. 
Pat. #1090.) 

$2.50 each; 3 for $6.60; 12 for $26.40 

^ m 

^ ^ >m^ 




(^Above) Magnificently large, 
very double, deeply fragrant 
blooms, just like Hybrid Teas. 
And with the immense wealth 

of thickly clustered flowers so iv -r tt t^t. i 

desired in a Climber. Of a ^^' J* "' Nicolas 

beautiful deep rose-pink tone with rich, luxuriant, 
dark green foliage. Sets a new standard of charm wher- 
ever height and glorious color are desired. Immediately 
after the first flowers fade, the new shoots appear and a 
galaxy of bloom repeats again and again. Large, fully 
double blooms reach 5 to 6 in. across and have over 50 
petals. Equally delightful in large or small gardens. 
Especially attractive on posts and pillars, alone or 
among shrubs, on pergolas, lattices or fences. (PI. Pat. 

*^^'^'^ $2.00 each; 3 for $5.25-, 12 for $21.00 


everblooming white Climb- 
er. The medium-sized flow- 
ers are double, snow-white, 
fragrant and produced con- 
stantly from late spring to 
frost. Vigorous grower with 
glossy foliage. 
$2.00 each; 3 for $5.25; 
12 for $21.00 


Profuse, vivid scarlet-red 
flowers, magnificent in early 
summer. Very hardy. Un- 
til the advent of Blaze, its 
everblooming counterpart, 
this was the most admired 
red Climber on the market. 
$1.35 each; 3 for $3.45; 
12 for $13.80 


GROUP No. 419 

GROUP No. 409 

1 of each: 

Blaze New Dawn 

White Dawn 

Value $5. SO Save $.70 



1 of each: 
Climbing Goldilocks 
Dr. J. H. Nicolas 
Don Juan 
Value S7.S0 Save $.95 




Jackson & Perkins 




Superior Frenth Hybrid Lilacs Far Surpass All Others! 
Own Root... Will Not Develop Wild Canes! 

These gorgeous French Hybrids far surpass all others. Larger florets, 

richer colors, broader spikes, more to a cluster. Every variety is faster 

growing and younger blooming. Fragrant beyond description. 

Own-root, not budded, so wild sucker growth will never 

bother you. For infinite long life, rapid growth and every- 

year bloom, these strong 3-yr. plants are worth ten times 

as much as the old-fashioned varieties. 




PAUL THIRION. Large, open clusters of 
single florets of a rich wine-red tone. Moder- 
ate height. Strong grower and free bloomer. 
MME. A. BLCIINER. Large showy 
clusters of double, fragrant flowers. Soft rosy 
lilac — very delicate and pleasing. 
PRESIDENT GREVY. Moderate - sized 
single florets in long, open clusters. Purplish 
in the bud, becoming Wedgwood-blue. A 
vigorous, early-blooming variety. 
PAUL HARIOT A prolific producer of 
fine reddish purple blooms. The flowers hold 
their color better than many other varieties. 
EDITH CAVELL. Large, full clusters of 
double florets, snowy white in color, 
LUCIE BALTET Very fragrant, large, 
double flowers in long clusters. The buds are 
carmine, opening pinkish lilac. 

$3.00 each; 3 of one kind $7.50 


Group No. 429 

All 6 J & P Modern Lilacs pictured 

1 of each $^ 

Value $18.00 Only. . 


Most Stately, Most Dramatic of All FloweringTrees 

MagnoHa Soulangeana, You need no longer admire 
the gorgeous spring blooms of the widely loved Saucer 
Magnolia in someone else's garden! Many of our plants are 
already budded; all are sturdy and will give you many years 
of enjoyment once they have become established in your 
;arden. This magnificent variety, commonly called the 
•aucer Magnolia, bursts into glory early in ttie spring with a 
stunning display of 6-in. flowers that have generous, heavy- 
textured petals of glistening white with purplish or rose 
tones on the reverse side. One of the first trees to bloom in 
the spring, Magnolias are literally 
covered with flowers even before 
the leaves appear. Later the foliage 
is broadly oval and a rich leathery 
green. It makes a very handsome 
ornamental tree, which under ideal 
conditions grows as high as 30 ft. 
A splendid tree for growing in 
smoky city areas. Good drainage 
rather than a rich soil is the prime 
essential for Magnolias. For best 
results apply fertilizer every two 
years. They are hardy in practically 
all sections of the country. If peach 
trees will live in your locality. 
Magnolias will do well there, too. 
5-year tree, 18 to 24 in. tall, 
$3.50 each; 2 for $6.50; 
3 for $8.75; 6 for $17.50 

Purple Wallmark 

All Season * 

10 to 12 in. 





GROUP No. 439 

Value $8,60 
Save $1.45 

Only $7-15 

All Season 

Viola, White Heart 

9 to 12 in. 

All Season 

Viola, John Wallmark 

10 to 12 in. 



QAhove, Left) Here is a bright violet-purple 
form of the famous John Wallmark Viola, 
which originally came from Sweden. The 
plant habit and growth are the same, with 
height at 12 in. and stems from 5 to 6 in. 
long. A fine addition to your garden, doing 
well in both sun and partial shade. Blooms 
from May to frost, with 25 to 30 flowers to 
each plant. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 6 for $4.25; 
12 for $8.50; 100 for $64.00 

Hardy, everblooming perennial Viola in a 
bright clear yellow that will make your 
gardens and borders more colorful from 
early spring to frost. The pert faces of this 
hardy Viola are always cheerful, always 
smiling up at you merrily. You will wel- 
come them anywhere. The 23^-in. flow- 
ers are borne on upright, 6 to 8-in. stems. 
75c each; 3 for $2.00; 6 for $3.75; 
12 for $7.50; 100 for $50.00 


(Above, Center) Another Viola Aristocrat! A 
pure white form of Viola Purple Heart. The 
immense flowers are really a picture, and 
the healthy plant produces great quantities 
of them all through the season. They 
mingle well with all other violas, so it is 
impossible to have too many. Although a 
seedling of the grand Purple Heart, the 
plant is somew^hat more compact and 
sturdy. (PI. Pat. #1508.) 
$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 6 for $5.00 


(Ahove^ Right) Grayish lavender with 
violet veinings and splashed with deeper 
violet tones at the center. It has a pert 
yellow and white eye. The bloom is al- 
most 2 in. across, and the long stems make it 
an ideal cut flower. It grows to about 12 in. 
in height. Once started in spring, the bush 
grows rapidly and builds up to a mound of 
green, usually covered with bloom. 
85c each; 3 for $2.25; 6 for $4.25; 
12 for $8.50; 100 for $64.00 


( Not illustrated) The 
huge, velvety violet- 
blue flowers with 
waved petals are 3 in. 
across, on stems 7 to 8 
in. long. A bright 
yellow eye makes the 
lovely purple seem even 
deeper. Makes a grand 
display of color as each 
plant sends out many 
shoots for a continual 
supply of flowers all 
season. Easy to grow. 
Height 9 to 12 in. Will 
live for years. (PI. Pat. 

85c each 5 

3 for $2.25; 

6 for $4.25; 

12 for $8.50; 

100 for $64.00 

EW Perennials 


(Belou!) A superb new perennial 
with royal purple color from 
May to fall. The tips of the 
many spikes carry deeper tones, 
which lighten as the flower ex- 
pands. Foliage on the 30-in. 
plants is decorative. In July 
when the first flowering is 
finished, tops should be trimmed 
and blooming will continue until 
frost. New shoots spring up to 
replace the old. One of the best 
perennials. (P.R.R.) 

$1.25 each; 3 for $3.15; 
6 for $6.25 


(^Bottom, Right Corner) A de- 
lightful fragrant hybrid Dian- 
thus which blooms freely twice 
a year. Flowers literally cover 
the entire plant, which grows 
about 12 in. high and fre- 
quently 24 in. across. The 2-in. 
blooms have a maroon center, 
with the rest of the petals a 
lively pink. Flowers come in 
succession on each stem, giving 
a blooming period of 5 to 6 
weeks in springtime and again 
in late summer. Very fragrant. 
$1.25 each; 3 for $3.15; 
6 for $6.25 

May to Fall Salvia Superb a, Purple Glory 

30 in^ 

CORAL GEM (Right) 

A brilliant hardy Dianthus in 
coral pink. The clean carnation 
fragrance makes it doubly in- 
teresting. Long period of 
bloom makes it popular. Fully 
double 2-in. flowers appear in 
mid-June through mid-August, 
Flowering stems are long, with 
7 or 8 flowers on them. Com- 
pact plant has silvery foliage. 
A beautiful addition to a per- 
ennial garden with its gay 
blooms. (P.R.R.) 

$1.25 each; 3 for $3.15; 
6 for $6.25 


GROUP No. 449 

Dianthus, Coral Gem 
Dianthus, Caprice 
SalTia Superba 

Value $3,75 
Save $.e& 



June, July and August New Dianthus, Coral Gem 14 in. 
Spring and Late Summer Dianthus, Caprice 12 in. 








QBelow) Exceptionally fragrant, very- 
double; rich crimson-red. Blooms 
abundantly from June through sum- 
mer; perfect for border edge, rock 
garden. Strong, 12 to 18-in. stems. 
Best in a sunny spot. 
85c each; 3 for $2.25; 6 for $4.25 

June, July 

12 to 15 in. 

Old-fashioned clove scent. Exquisite 

pink, very double, 2 to 2}^-in. flowers. 
Sturdy 12 to 15-in. stems. Blooms very 
freely. Give it full sun. (PI. Pat. #747.) 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 
6 for $5.00; 12 for $10.00 

June to Aug, 

12 to 18 in. 


(Left') Mellow gold, semi- 
double flowers like giant 
daisies, with deeper center. 
Blooms profusely from June 
to frost. About 3 ft. Excel- 
lent where a tall-growing 
plant is wanted. Gives a 
striking effect. 
75c each; 3 for $2.00; 
6 for $3.75 


3 ft. 



P E R E N N I A L S . . . r/>e height md time of bhm 
for ea<h perennial are indicated ynder the picture. 

June to Frost 

4 to 6 in. 


(Kighi) Another ground cover with at- 
tractive variegated foliage and bright 
golden yellow blooms. It can be used in 
all locations, the same as Fire Glow, 
making a good underplanting in many 
parts of the garden. You will have 
blooms from June till frost. It will 
reach a height of 6 to 8 in. 
75c each; 3 for $2.00; 6 for $3.75 


June, July 

12 to 18 in. 

June to Frost 

6 to 8 in. 

This new Dianthus is one of the quaint 
old-fashioned maroon and white Pinks. 
It produces many flowers on stems about 
12 to 14 in. tall. The buds appear in 
succession. Very effective in old-fash- 
ioned bouquets. 
$1.25 each; 3 for $3.15; 6 for $6.25 

June to Aug. 

10 to 12 in. 


QAbovi) Large, full, fragrant, double 
flowers— all pure white; hardy. 
Excellent for cut flowers, for bor- 
ders, edges, or rock gardens. Clus- 
ters of 3 or 4 to each stem. Height 
about 10 in. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4.25 

June, July 

12 to 14 in. 


(Left) A mammoth form of the old- 
fashioned favorite Stokesia, with 
blooms 4 to 5 in. in diameter. Fully 
double flowers are silvery blue suffused 
lilac-blue at the center. Blooms from 
June to frost. Grows to about 20 in. 
Very hardy, vigorous and easy to grow. 
Excellent for borders and flower arrange- 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 6 for $4.25 


Another dwarf spreading Sedum in a new 
color— a beautiful shade of deeper pink. 
Very worthwhile for borders, sunny dry 
spots and rock gardens. Grows 4 to 6 in. 
tall, wqth plants spreading to 24 in. and 
covered with a mass of bloom all summer 
long. Grows easily in ordinary garden soil 
on the dry side, where it receives sun all day. 
$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 6 for $5.00 

June to Frost 


(Right) A delightful white form 
of the old favorite. Blooms heav- 
ily in the spring and continues to 
produce graceful sprays of flowers 
all summer and fall. Grows lux- 
uriantly in any reasonably good 
garden soil, in semi-shade or sun, 
making an attractive clump. 9 to 
12 in. high. 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50j 
6 for $5.00 

Spring through Fall 


This lower-growing double pink Babys- 
Breath has won wide popularity. Very 
generous in bloom, with airy sprays of 
delicate pink during June and July. Grace- 
ful, blue-green foliage. The artistic sprays 
are invaluable for bouquets. Established 
plants start to bloom about two weeks 
earlier than the tall double Gypsophila. 
18 in. tall. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 6 for $4.25 

Spring and Fall 9 to 12 in. 

Violet, Royal Robe 



(Below, Kight) 
Imagine a dazzling 
Violet! Each 
plant cover- 
ed with hun- 
d r ed s of 
flowers. In- 
d ividua 1 
bloom is veined and 
75c each; 
3 for $2.00; 
6 for $3.75 

VIOLETS. Group No. 45S 

Value SS.SO ^ , « " ' ' 

San $!.«» Only 4 

VIOLET, ROYAL RORE (Above) Magnificent, extra-large flowers of lus- 
trous, deepest violet-blue. So intensely fragrant a few plants will send their de- 
lightful perfume hundreds of feet away. Ideal for corsages, boutonnieres, bou- 
quets. The rugged plants have sturdy foliage and bloom abundantly in early 
spring, also in fall. The large, superb flowers open wide, often more than 1 in. 
across. Their stiff, erect stems grow up to 8 in. or more. A protective mulch of 
leaves or straw is advisable over winter. Ideal for those diflicult, partially shaded 
spots. Once established, it blooms more freely year after year. 
65c each; 3 for $1.75; 6 for |3.25 

ne to Fall 

6 to 8 in. 

lmpanula, blue carpet 

hvi) (Car parka Improved') For 
jings, rock gardens or any location 
tere you want a very striking low 
irpet-of-blue" from June to fall. 
11 grow well in full sun or in semi- 
idy places. Light blue, bell- 
iped flowers on 5 to 6-in. stems, 
•es not sprawl. 

c each; 3 for $2.00; 6 for $3.75 


An improved gigantic form. Per- 
fectly shaped, heavily textured 
on long strong stems. The sweet 
rich fragrance of these improved 
J&P giants is delightful. Our field- 
grown clumps soon form a solid 
mass. Field-grown Clumps, 
65c each; 3 for $1,75; 6 for $3.25 



Deep violet-blue, 2-in. flowers on 
silvery, slender branching stems; 
silvery buds and se^d-hips. Thrives 
in dry spots and other difficult po- 
sitions. Height 20 in., excellent 
for cutting. This lacy, dainty 
flower may be used in bouquets and 
as a boutonniere. Blooms from 
July until frost. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4.25 

ne, July 

1 Vz to 2 ft. 


hove) These quaint, charming, cupped, 
Lght golden flowers are so globular in 
■m that they seem almost entirely 
uble. Blooms in June and July. The 
mts reach a height of \}/2 to 2 ft. and 
joy a moist and semi-shady spot. Will 
d great beauty to gardens. 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 
6 for $5,00 



(Below, Right) 

1 exquisite double 
olet with unusually 
eet fragrance . Hardy 
^^ where. Efl^ective 
lere ver alow, color- 
purple is needed, 
cellent for semi- 
ady places. In 
)om May to Oct. 

75c each; 
3 for $2.00; 
6 for $3.75 

ROSINA (Kight) 

A mass of lovely 
fragrant pink Violets 
in May and again in 
late August. This 
variety is widely 
loved for its color 
and sweet scent. 
Ideal for bordering 
or ground cover. 
About 10 in. 

75c each; 
3 for $2.00; 
6 for $3.75 

May Violet, Rosina 10 »"• 

Double Russian Violet 
All Season 6 to 8 in. 


Soft red, fragrant flowers are borne in 
close clusters, are produced all summer 
and give a fine showing in autumn. 
Grows well in sun or partial shade. 
Height 18 in. Decorative bluish foliage. 
Plant in masses in rich soil for best 
results. Very neat and colorful. Hardy 
and vigorous. 
$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 6 for $5.00 


Sept. to Frost 

1 Vz to 2 ft. 

FUNKIA subcordata alba 

(Above) Long, tubular, creamy 
white flowers. Blooms Sept. to 
frost. Sweet fragrance. Fresh aew 
blooms are produced every day. 
Dark green, large heart-shaped 
leaves. Grows anywhere. Effective 
in front of taller shrubs or in solid 
beds. Excellent shade plant. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 

6 for $4.25 

AH Summer 

18 in. 


GROUP No. 469 

/ ^och of following : 
Dianthus: Irene, Rock 

Caprice and Lacy Lass. 

l^liie $5.20 
aave $.80 r 

_Only ' 

GROUP No. 479 

1 of each: 
S«dum, Rosy Carpet 
Sedum, Golden Carpet 
fedum. Fire Glow "^ 
Sedum, Brilliant 
y^lue$3,2S SaTe$.55 

Only ^2*70 

GROUP No. 499 

i of each: 

S^"« Veronica 
Bleed. Heart. White 

V<^lue$5,6S Save $.95 

Only '4*70 


A N C H U S A My osotidi flora. 
Dainty blue flowers on stems 
1 to Wz ft, high, held well 
above the foliage. Large 
leaves excellent for ground 

75c each; 3 for $2.00; 
6 for $3.75 


Immense, amaranth-red flow- 
er heads. Withstands even 
the driest summer weather. 
Late fall bloomer. Height 
18 in. 

75c each; 3 for $2.00; 
6 for $3.75 


Red, star-like blooms from 
June till frost. Height 8 to 
10 in. An excellent ground 
cover. Grows anywhere. 

75c each ; 3 for $2.00; 
6 for $3.75 


2 to 3-in., glacier-white 
flowers bloom all winter on 
mild days. Rich, leathery, 
low foiiage. 

$1.50 each; 3 for $3.75; 
6 for $7.50 

SPtJUtiE Best evergreen 
ground cover for shade or 
sun. The plants grow 8 in. 
tall and spread quickly. 
Glossy foliage remains green 
winter and summer. 
3 for $1.00; 10 for $3.00; 
100 for $25.00 

Bowles Variety. Alice-blue 
flowers delightful against 
luxuriant evergreen foliage. 
Plant 8 in, apart. 
3 for $1.00; 10 for $3.00; 
100 for $25.00 

WHITE VERONICA subsessilis 

(Below) Erect, compact, robust growth 
and great number of side branches. Grows 
2 to l}/2 ft. high. The spike form is grace- 
ful yet firm, keeps well when cut. The 
contrast of the rich green foliage and the 
sparkling white spikes is extremely ef- 
fective. Blooms from Aug. to Oct. (PI. 
Pat. #1034.) 

$1.25 each; 3 for $3.15; 6 for $6.25 
Aug. to Oct. 2 to 2 Va ft. 

Violet, White Wonder 

July to Frost 15 in. 


(Above) Flowers from early July till 
frost. Airy and fragrant when cut, 
and when dried are used for making 
sachets. Fragrant, silvery green foliage. 
15 in. high; violet-blue flower spikes 
rise another 15 in. Hardy in the North. 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 
6 for $5.00 



White Gloria 

(Below) Wide feath- 
ery white spikes of 
this lovely plant are 
28 to 30 in., rising 12 
to 15 in. over its at- 
tractive foliage. Pre- 
fers partial shade. 
85c each; 3 for 
$2.25; 6 for $4.25 

■■#■ «^ ' 



Oriole (Below') 

(Improved Black- 
Eyed Susan) A vivid 
splash of color in 
July, Aug. and early 
Sept. Black and gold 
combination. 2 ft. 

$1.00 each; 3 for 
$2.50; 6 for $5.00 

Astilbe, Koblenz 
June- July 24 to 30 in. 

ASTILBE, Koblenz 

(Above) Blooms in June 
and July. Spikes are 24 
to 30 in. A feathery rose- 
pink changing to silvery 
pink. An excellent flowering 
plant for the darker corners 
of your garden. Groves in 
sun or shade. Likes rich 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4.25 

\ .i ^ ^"^ ^ 


Ruby King 

June-Oct. 18 to 24 in. 

Ruby King 

(Above) Very free-bloom- 
ing. 2-in. trumpet-like 
flowers. Spikes are 18 to 
24 in. high and are pro- 
duced freely. Should have 
some winter protection. 
(PI. Pat. #744.) 
85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4.25 

Astilbe, White Gloria 
May-June 28 to 30 in. 

Ly thrum, 
Hybrid Robert 
All Season 36 in. 

Hybrid Robert (Above) 
%-in. florets of rich deep 
rose-pink with a sparkling 
glow, appear about June 5 
and last all summer. 36-in. 
plant with 14-in. spikes. 
$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 
6 for $5.00 

Rudbeckia SulL, Oriole 
July-Sept. 2 ft. 


They grow from V/i to 3 Feet Tall! The height and time of bloom 

for each perennial are indicated under the picture. 

I rROUP I*o.*99 


(Left) Large and free flower- 
ing. The blooms measure 
more than 3 in. across, 
2K to 3-ft. plant. Light 
blue - lavender flowers 
from Aug. until frost. 
Requires some winter 
protection in cold sec- 
75c each; 
3 for $2.00; 
6 for $3.75 

on.y S3.60 

-*.iii HO.S09- ^ «Tblte 
GROUP wo ^^e, ^^^oie; 

Gloria; ^^ penstemo" 

Value $4.55 Only *^**' 

HEART (Right) 
Borne in graceful 
sprays from May 
through June. 
Does well in semi- 
shade or sun. 30 

85c each; 3 for 

$2.25; 6 for 


Pink Blcediiig-IIeart 

May-June 30 in. 


r ., 





Cambridge Scarlet 

(Right) Blooms July, 
Aug. Sept. Brilliant scar- 
let. IH to 3 ft. 
$1.00 each; 3 for 
$2.50; 6 for $5.00 

Shasla Daisy, Kslhci Kcad 
Jnne-Oct. 18 in, 

Shasta Daisy, 



Juno-July2y2ft. * 


Cambridge Scarlet 

July-Sept. 2V2-3 ft, 


Croftway Pink (Left) 
Clear pink. Does well in 
moist or dry positions, sun 
or semi-shade. $1.00 each; 
3 for $2.50; 6 for $5.00 

Monarda, Croftway Pink 
July- Aug. 30 to 36 in. 


Shasta Daisy, Cobham Gold 
June-Aug. 30 in, 

SHASTA DAISY, - Esther Read 

(Above y Left) A prim white mass. Blooms 
June to Oct. Large, double flowers on 18- 
in., strong stems. Plants require a little 
protection in colder areas. 
85c each; 3 for $2.25; 6 for $4.25 

SHASTA DAISY, Cobham Gold 

(Above) Golden heart while opening but 
finishes a soft cream-yellow. Double 
flowers 3M to 4 in. Blooms from end of 
June to August. l}/2 ft. 
$1.50 each; 3 for $3.75; 6 for $7.50 

SHASTA DAISY, Wirral Supreme 

(Left) 3 to 3/^-in. flowers. Blooms June- 
July; if cut then will rebloom in fall. 23^ 
■ft. (PI. Pat. #1084.) 
$1.25 each; 3 for $3.15; 6 for $6.25 


^Phlox, White Admiral 
July-Aug. ' 2 to 2V2 ft, 

PHLOX, "White Admiral (^Above) Here is a new white 
Phlox guaranteed to bring more beauty to your'garden. It pro- 
duces enormous, pure white heads, and the continually breaking 
side branches give an excellent late bloom. Reaches a height of 
2 to 1% fc. and blooms profusely in July and Aug. White 
Admiral is very fragrant. 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 6 for $5.00 


Phlox, Brigadier 

2V2 to 3 ft. 

PHLOX, Brigadier QAbove) A brilliant orange-red color 
that stops the eye at the slightest glance. One of the taller 
growing Phlox, it reaches a height of l]/^ to 3 ft. Each flower 
head builds up with many side branches and makes a great 
showing of color in June and July. This exquisite Phlox is 
very fragrant. 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 6 for $5.00 



COREOPSIS, Golden Shower. Com- 
pact plants produce star-like, golden flowers, 
13^-in. Blooms June to frost. 

75c each; 3 for $2.00; 6 for $3.75 

ASTILBE, Fanal. Blooms in May and 
June. Rich, deep red. 15-in. flower spike, 
Happy in semi-shade or sun. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 6 for $4.25 

TRITOMA, Robin Hood. Ten to 12 red- 
orange flower spikes in late June, reaching 
their peak in Sept. 23^-ft. stalk. 

$1.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 6 for $5.00 

The King 

^ ft. 


Ihey qiow aver 3 Feet Tall! The fi^igftf and time of bloom 
for eaih perennial are indkafed under the pirture. 

June to Frost 

Plate (^Above) 

Huge, rich butter-cup- 
yellow flowers 8 in. across, 
on graceful 4 -ft. stems 
that give a beautiful effect 
in the garden. It has lovely 
foliage . . . ideal for flower 
arrangement. Blooms from 
June to frost. 

11.00 each; 3 for $2.50; 
6 for $5.00 


King (K/^^r, Above) 

The classical white flower has a center cone of a 

brown-green color, flecked with orange. The 

white petals have a spread of 43^ in. A sturdy 

40-in. plant. Bloomsjuly to frost. 

$1.25 each; 3 for $3.15; 6 for $6.25 

Fairy Perfect 

40 in. 


Fairy Perfeet 

(Right') Forms a lovely mass of 
white about 40 in. high and 
equally wide. Pure white, double florets reach 
J'-^in, across. Blooms from June to early Aug., and 
if cut back, it will bloom in Sept. Hardy. 
$1.25 each; 3 for $3.15; 6 for $6.25 


GROUP No. 529 

/ of each: Achillea, G.Plate 

Rudbcckia, The King 
Rudbeckia, White King . 

Gypsophila, Fairy Pcrlect j 
Value $4.35 Save $.75 

Only $3*60 


(Left) Regally it bears its large, 
deep crimson-red flowers. From 
hair-open flower to the full-bloom 
stage of orange-brown seed-cone 
with its perimeter of straight red 
petals, it is always attractive. 
Grows A}/2 ft. high. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4.25 

POPPY, Salmon Glow 

(Below) This double, brilliant sal- 
mon poppy is really a beauty. Its 
gay color is lovely. Great quantities 
of 5 to 6-in. double blooms ap- 
pear continuously for almost 6 
weeks. 3 to 3/4 ft. A strong grower. 
Blooms May and June. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4,25 

Poppy, Salmon 


3 to 3 Vz ft. 




ceptionally large indi- 
vidual florets of warm 
pink-lavender. Clear 

blue at the tips of the 
outer petals. The un- 
usually large spikes are 
full, firm and sturdy — 
a joy to behold. We sug- 
gest planting in groups 
of 3 or more with Del- 
phinium Enchantment 
for fine contrast. Has the 
vigor and hardiness of the 
Northern New York 
strain, with larger florets 
and greater mass effect. 
A beautiful addition. 

$1.25 each; 

3 for $3.15; 

6 for $6.25 

Deep royal purple, by 
far the darkest and rich- 
est of all Delphiniums. 
This is truly a breath- 
taking color. The long, 
beautiful spikes are all 
out-at-once in blooming; 
no shattering until the 
last buds are fully open. 
Stems are wiry and 
strong, holding the ma- 
jestic spikes on proud 
display. The plant re- 
peats quickly with its 
colorful bloom spikes 
and is always perfectly 
hardy. 4K ft- tall. 

$1.00 each; 

3 for $2.50; 

6 for $5.00 

PEACE CAhvi) Here is 
a handsome variety that 
is just as desirable as its 
name. Individual florets 
are 33^ to 4 in. across. 
The face of each floret is 
a clear white with a love- 
ly cream bee. Blooms in 
June and July. If cut 
back immediately when 
it is through blooming, 
the plant will quickly 
give another crop of 
giant flowers. A beauti- 
ful variety to plant with 
other colors. You are 
sure to like it. Reaches a 
height of 4 ft. 

$1.50 each; 

3 for $3.75; 

6 for $7.50 


Handsome, long-lasting, all-out-at-once, 20 to 30- in. 
spikes with giant all-double flowers closely set on 
towering S-ft. spires. Four to six such spikes to a 
plant in June and July, repeating bloom, in the late 
summer and early fall. 


One of our chief aims in developing this new race was 


QAbove) Light blue. True 
Delphinium-blue, with 
white eyes . . . the hy- 
bridists' dream. A giant 
double Delphinium with 
superb masses of bloom 
on all-out-at-once spikes. 
Striking in a white vase. 
4 ft. tall. 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4.25 


illustrated^ The chaste 
white double florets are 
closely set on the trim 
spikes, adding to their ; 
fine accent effect. A cool 
and refreshing touch in • 
any garden in July, just i 
when it is needed most, i 
4 ft. tall. i 

85c each; 3 for $2.25; i 
6 for $4.25 

Pink Glow 



to provide trim and sturdy stalks not easily blown 
down by the wind . . . yet not cunibersonne and stiff 
in bouquets. You will find that J&P Delphiniunris 
do not need staking in most localities. 
This Northern New York strain reaches these ideals 
and still has kept all the exquisite grace and charm 
of Delphiniums at their best. Plant them in threes, 
fives or dozens for dramatic color effects. 

GAYETY {Not illus- 
trated^ A dainty color 
that is most pleasing — 
pinkish lavender with 
outer petals blue. Unique 
color display that will 
remind you of "lavender 
and old lace." Side shoots 
prolong the blooms for 
several weeks. 5 ft. tall. 
85c each; 3 for $2,25; 
6 for $4.25 

PINK GLOW iAhavi) 
A large-flowered variety 
with the new dark rose- 
pink florets with lilac 
shadings. The flowers 
have white eyes. Blooms 
in June and July and 
again in August and 
September if properly 
cut back. 4 ft. tall. 
6 for $7.50 

White, with black-and- 
white bees. The long- 
lasting spikes are set with 
large, double florets and 
bloom again In late sum- 
mer if cut back after the 
early crop. Will "pep up" 
any garden, for it has real 
character. This variety is 
in great demand because 
it is an excellent color to 
accent a perennial border. 
Stunning in all-white bou- 
quets or in combination 
with bright colors. 43^ to 
5 ft. tall. Striking in 
groups or with other Del- 
phinium hybrids. 
85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4.25 

Hardy NormerSS 

:p||||pi|||"o^vv Over 3 FelP*Bll(l 


Deep blue. The rare, real 
all-blue, in the darker 
shades so hard to get. 
Particularly effective be- 
cause it is so good with 
other colors. It furnishes 
a glorious background for 
lower-growdng flowers. 5 
ft. tall. This is what you 
have in mind when you 
speak of dark, rich "Del- 
phinium-blue." It is a 
glorious color badly needed 
in most perennial plant- 
ings. Be sure to cut back 
the plant after its first 
blooming period so that 
it will repeat later. 
85c each; 3 for $2.25; 
6 for $4.25 

Immense, semi-double flor- 
ets 33^ to 4 in. across. Each 
floret is a beautiful orchid- 
lavender color with a white 
center and accentuated on 
thefar edges with tiny points 
of sea-blue. The full flower 
spikes furnish a dramatic 
accent in any group plant- 
ing. Height 4 to AH ft. 
It will repeat rapidly in the 
summer months and will 
be lovely again in the fall. 
Superb for a border where 
its full beauty may be en- 
joyed. We recommend it 

$1.50 each; 

3 for $3.75; 

6 for $7.50 

Peace tpv-elines. 

On'y '4.80 
^"ly ^4.25 


The BIGGEST, Most Colorful, Earliest Blooming G 


Huge Blooms from 4 to 5V% " Across! 


CHIMNEY SWIFT. Good sharp, 
full, burgundy-red blooms are 43^ in. across. 
Medium tall plant is compact. Uniformity 
of color outstanding. Blooms early Sept. 
to frost. (Prop. Rights Reserved.) 

BOB WHITE. Large, decorative, 
5-in. double flowers are sharp white with 
a soft cream center. Medium height plants 
covered with flowers. Excellent foliage. 
Blooms late Sept. to frost. (Prop. Rights 

_ VIREO. Radiant apricot-orange, 
4/^ to 5-in. blooms. Excellent for garden 
and cut-flower use. Constantly covered 
by new buds and flowers. Medium height, 
compact bush. Blooms mid-Sept, to frost. 
(Prop. Rights Reserved.) 

Ul YELLOW WARBLER. Large flow 
ering, shaggy type. Golden-butter-yellow 
blooms reach 5 to 53^ in. across. Upright 
plant is of medium height. Blooms from 
Sept. to frost. (Prop. Rights Reserved.) 

O SANDPIPER. A 53^-in. decorative 
flower in the lovely pastel autumn shade of 
strawberry-bronze. Largest of the Bird 
Mums. Medium height. Excellent foliage. 
Very free. Blooms Sept. 20 to frost. (Prop. 
Rights Reserved.) 

O WOOD PEEWEE. Very lively 
pink, 5 to 53^-in. flowers are broad, with 
graceful edges. Attractive blooms last 10 
days to 2 weeks when cut. The 20-in. 
plant blooms from Sept. 30 to severe freez- 
ing weather. (PL Pat. Applied For.) 

O DESERT QUAIL. One of the 

lovely soft lavender-pinks. The 5-in. flow- 
ers are decorative, flat and widespread. 
The 20 to 24-in. plants bloom the end of 
Sept. to frost. Foliage is fine cut and clean. 
A lovely color, both in the garden and for 
use in flower arrangements. (PI. Pat. #1555.) 

O CUCKOO. The double flower is a 
clear lemon-yellow and normally grows 
to 5M in- across. Its multitude of petals 
gives it an attractively shaggy look. Plant 
is of medium height, clothed with rich 
dark foliage. Blooms Sept. 20 to frost. 
One of the best of the Bird Series Mums. 
(PI. Pat. #1578.) 

flower with an intense deep red color 
lightened in the center with golden bronze 
petals. Fine for garden and cutting. The 
excellent plant is medium height and foliage 
is clean and glossy. Blooms from early 
Oct. to heavy frost. (PL Pat. Applied For.) 

$1.00 each; 3 of a kind 


ARDEN MUMS Ever Created ! 

Keep Your Garden Glowing 
With Color Long After Other 
flowers Have Finished! 

Q PHOEBE. Golden tangerine buds open up 
to very pleasant, friendly tan flowers. A lively, 
lovely variety during its life — 43^ in., larger if 
disbudded. The plant has compact grow^th 
reaching 32 to 36 in. in height. Excellent for 
cutting. Long lasting. Blooms Sept. 15. (PI. 
Pat. 11467.) 

O CHICKADEE. This lovely orchid-lavender. 
Mum is very decorative both outdoors and indoors. 
The 5-in. flowers start blooming about Sept. 
30. The 30-in, plant is very sturdy and resistant 
to insects and aisease» Blooms are long lasting 
and keep well when cut. (PI. Pat. #1571.) 

O ICELAND GULL. The 53^ to 6-in. flowers 
are breath-taking in their beauty. Center of 
the flower is soft light yellow, while the outer 
petals are shaggy and pure white. The 23^-ft. 
plant carries many blooms from Sept. to heavy 
frost. Very attractive and desirable. (PI. Pat. 

ORCHARD ORIOLE. Beginning in late 
Sept. and from then on through early Oct., this 
new Mum carries masses of rich orange-bronze 
flowers that reach 5 in. in diameter and are pro- 
duced on 30 to 36-in. stems. Popular for arrange- 
ments, with its typically autumn coloring. (PI. 
Pat. #1461.) 

S2.50; 6 of a kind $5.00 


O GOLDEN COCKATOO. Here is the most 
spectacular yellow garden Mum of all time! The 
5 to 53^-in. flowers are a glowing Indian yellow 
in color. 2-ft. plants bloom from late Sept. and 
will brighten up your garden until frost. Dark 
foliage is disease resistant. (PI. Pat. #1638.) 

O TFIRASHER. One of the choicest and 
earliest of the autumn-colored Bird Mums. 
Burnt-orange to brown, a real fall color. Com- 
bines well with yellow and gold varieties. The 
4H-in. flowers come in great profusion on 25 to 
30-in. plants. Blooms middle of Sept. to frost. 
(PI. Pat. #1553.) 

O SAGE GROUSE. A most attractive new 
color. When opening, it is strawberry-coral, with 
a golden buff reverse. The whole flower is slightly 
lighter when fully open, very soft and subdued. 
5-in. flowers are borne on 30-in. plants. Blooms 
from earlv Oct. until heavy frost. (PI. Pat. Applied 

Ql MARTIN. The cerise to rose-pink petals 
have a silvery reverse which gives great life and 
verve to the half-open flower. The open bloom 
finishes a gay silvery pink. The 5-in. flowers 
are delightfully fragrant. Grows 24 to 30 in. 
high. A fine new color in Mums. Blooms Sept. 
25. (PL Pat. #1466.) 



BALTIMORE ORIOLE. A golden yellow flat decorative 
flower with incurved centers and outer petals lightly reflexed at 
the finish. Petals are slightly lighter on the reverse side of the 
5H-in. flowers. Grows 30 in. tall. Blooms Sept. 20 to frost. 
A delightful, refreshing color. (Pi. Pat. #1636.) 

_ TOWHEE. Starts red with reverse of petals golden; 3H-in. 
flowers soften to a gold-tipped maroon and finish a lovely red- 
bronze. Grows about 2^ ft. tall, covered with large, full, pompon- 
shaped flowers. Blooms Sept. to frost. (PI. Pat. #1169.) 

. Save $270 

SEAGULL. The giant size and airy grace 

of this new Mum will make it 

an immediate favorite. 5 -in, 

flowers. Compact cream-colored 

centers with pure white outer 

petals. Blooms early Sept. 

Height 24 to 30 in. This new 

variety is one of the largest 

of this new J&P strain of 

Mums. (PI. Pat. #1130.) 

,, O SWALLOW. Beautiful 
soft coral-pink opening into 
a double, buff-colored flow- 
er, reaching about 5 in. 
across. Lovely irregular 
petals have a pleasing informal 
effect in all stages. Blooms from 
early Sept. to frost and grows to 3 ft. Ideal 
as a cut flower. (PI. Pat. #1106.) 

VIRGINIA RAIL. Brown is the dominant 
color until the flower is almost fully open, when 
it blends into a clear pastel tan. 4/^-in. blooms are 

produced freely from the middle of Sept. to 

frost. Blends easily with any color scheme. 

(PI. Pat. #1676.) 

GROUP No. 619 

New Deluxe Aytumn Color Groip 

Seagull Swallow Bait. Oriole 

Titmouse Robin Virginia Rail 

Value $6.00 ^ jm ^^^ 

Save $1.05 Only., 9a|«75 


Deep bronze- 
red, 5-in. flow- 
ers have a slight touch of pure bronze on the tips 
of the unexpanded petals. The petals are of light 
texture, with a reverse of buff-yellow. 2-ft. plants 
bloom from Sept. 27 to frost. Dark, fine-cut foli- 
age. (PI. Pat. #1680.) 

V# ROBIN. A new color in the hardy Bird 
Series. Strawberry-red when in bud and partially 
open and warm strawberry-bronze when open. 
The flowers are very double, 5 in. in diameter and 
almost 3 in. through, like a compound dahlia 
type. (PI. Pat. #1307.) 

O TITMOUSE. The color is a clear lavender- 
pink with the lavender dominating at the finish 
and the silvery grey foliage offering a lovely 
contrast. Flowers are full and thick, measuring 
4 to 4^2 in. in diameter. The plant is 24 in. tall. 
Blooms in early Oct. A favorite for cut-flower use, 
(PI. Pat. #1630.) 

$1.00 each; 3 of a kinc 




only ''S'" 

GROUP No. 639 

Extra-Larfe Flowered Group 

Carolina Parakeet Teal 
Macaw Pi6k Seagull 

Pheasant Tanager 

Value $6.00 ^ m m^m 
Save $1.05 Onli/.. 9>i«79 

" TANAGER. As pretty and cheery as its namesake. 4- 
in., bright crimson-cherry-red flowers. Free blooming! Truly 
the leading red Mum. Blooms Sept. through Oct. . . . very re- 
sistant to frost. Grows lyi ft. (PI. Pat. #1129.) 

W CANARY. Clean-cut color of the blooms makes this Mum 
one of the best yellows available. The perfectly symmetrical, 
43^^-in. flowers are beautiful rich golden yellow. Reaches 24 to 
30-in. height. It's an excellent keeper when cut for indoors. Trulv 
a very outstanding variety. Blooms Sept. and Oct. (PI. Pat. #1113.j 



s i 1 v e r - p i n k, 
blooms reach 
4}^ to 5 in. The 2-ft. plants bloom from Sept 27 
until frost; they are covered with graceful light 
foliage. The color is buoyant and gay, whether in 
the house or the vard. Broad plant has strong 
stems. (PI. Pat. #1679.) 

orange- bronze Mum with golden bronze on the 
reverse of the petals. The 43^-in., double flowers 
are semi-incurved in shape. 27-in. plants start 
blooming the end of Sept. The abundance of 
blooms sometimes necessitates staking the plant. 
CPl. Pat. #1657.) 

O MACAW. The 43^-in. blooms are reddish 
burnt-orange suffused with gold in the heart of 
the flowers. These long-lasting blooms are 
rounded in form with petals full to the center. 
Plant grows about l}/2 ft. tall, with dark green 
foliage. Long blooming period. Warm fall 
coloring. (PL Pat. #1609.) ' 

2.50; 6 of a kind $5.00 

O CARDINAL. The largest of the early hardy 
red Chrysanthemums — 3H to 4-in, 
flowers. Half-open blooms are deep 
red, softening to bronze-red. Plant 
grows 1)4, to 3 ft. Blooms Sept. 
to frost. This is your opportu- 
nity to gtt another shade of red 
in early Chrysanthemums. 
(PL Pat. #1165.) 


An enchanting light pink 

form of our very popular 

white Seagull. 5 to 53^-in. 

flowers are borne on 24- 

in. plants. The variety 

is very free and blooms 

from early Sept. until 

frost. Good in all sections of the 

country. (PL Pat. Applied For.) 

O PHEASANT. Vibrant autumn bronze. 
Flower is 43^ to 5 in. Irregular petals are grace- 
ful and breath-taking. Center of warm burnt- 
orange softens to pinkish bronze, finally a tawny 
yellow on the edges. Blooms Sept. 15 to frost. 
3 to 33^ ft. (PL Pat. #1162.) 



"' m 



|^P^||cintf|p"l^^ Everblooming 

A^m'^: * 



K. T. Marshall 



New Yorker 


THE GARDEN WORLD . • • if you love Roses 
and would see them at the pinnacle of perfection, here is an opportunity 
to grow the **Queen of Flowers" in unequalled excellence. The blooms 
produced on Tree Koses are superior in quality to those produced on regular bush 
form. Modern Tree Roses are the crowning glory of the plant world for 
giant size, exquisite form, brilliance of color, and abundant bloom from 
June through frost. There's a place for Tree Roses anywhere . . . they 
make informal gardens more radiant, small gardens more intimate, and 
formal gardens more stately. They present a breathtaking picture in any 

J&P Tree Roses Are Better Because: 

J&P Modern Tree Roses are grown on a special strain of Multiflora root 
and stem (trunk) for best results in your garden. This is a strain that 
transplants easily, is hardy and handles well for winter protection. 
These trunks are 33^ ft. tall, with bushy, well-balanced heads. Trunks 
of J&P Tree Roses increase in diameter in proportion to the top, an 
essential for success and long life in Tree Roses. They are not subject 
to borers and other ills common in stems of earlier kinds. 

$6.75 eack; any 2 for $12.50; any 6 for $35.50 

Transportation prepaid — nothing further for you to pay. These prices 
include safe, expert packing. Guaranteed to reach you in good condition. 


ARLENE FRANCIS. Golden yellow. 
See page 5. 

BETSY McCALL. Coral with gold overlay. 
See page 21. 

BLAZE. Scarlet-red. See page 36. 

CHRYSLER IMPERIAL. Crimson-red. See 
page 11. 

DETROITER. Carmine-red. See page 16. 
DIAMOND JUBILEE. Buff-orange. See page 9. 
ENCHANTMENT. Peach-pink. See page 8. 

FASHION. Coral-pink with gold overlay. See 

page 22. 

FUSILIER. Orange-scarlet. See page 21. 

GAIL BORDEN. Pastel pink and apricot. See 
page 4. 

GOLD CUP. Clear yellow. See page 21. 
GOLDEN FLEECE. Bright yellow. See page 26. 

Rose in existence. See page 6. 

IVORY FASHION. Ivory. Seepages. 
K.T.MARSHALL. Glowing pink. See page 11. ' 

KORDES PERFECTA. Cream-white lined with 
pink. See page 2. 

MARDIGRAS. Sparkling red. See page 16. 
NEIGEPARFUM. White. See page 17. 
NEW YORKER. Unfading red. See page 8. 
PAGEANT. Magnificent bicolor. See page 13. 
PEACE. Golden yellow, etched pink. See page 12. 
PEACEFUL. Deep coral-rose-pink. See page 17. 
OUEEN ELIZABETH. Pure pink. See page 12. 
RED PINOCCHIO. Scarlet-red. See page 30. 
SPARTAN. Large orange-red. See page 20. 
STERLING SILVER. Silvery lavender-pink. 
See page 5. 

TAWNY GOLD. Tawny. See page 17. 
TIFFANY. Phlox-pink. Seepage 11. 
WHITE BOUQUET. Opulent white. See page 20. 
WHITE SWAN. Pure white. See page 9. 

Tawny Gold 

• Please 
Read This: 

Tree Roses are 
•popular and 
take years longer 
to produce than 
bush Roses. So, 
our supply is 
limited. If a 
variety you or- 
der is sold out, 
rather than dis- 
appoint you we 
shall send an- 
other of similar 
color. Instruc- 
tions for plant- 
ing and care are 
sent with every 

Jdcksotl & r^tUitksCo* ^^m^'^ia^^'^^^i^^ Newark, new york